Top Alternative Father’s Day 5 Ideas 2017

This post is a reminder for some of you that it is Father’s Day this Sunday don’t worry I hear you all panic there is still time to get an awesome gift and get it delivered in time. Don’t worry there is a range of different items because I know not all Dad’s are the same because I know I could not get the same present for Joe as I would my own Dad.

The first item which I am going to share with you in this gift guide is are Panasonic Multi Room Speakers these are something which I am sure that Dad’s who are technical would actually like or those who are into music.  These clever speakers allow you to fill a whole room with the music which you want to listen to you can take them out into the garden as well use to a number of them including the SC-All05 having a 9-hour battery life. This allows your dad to have music playing while you all have a nice family summer BBQ this summer. They are also waterproof which means you can have the music playing in the rain should you continue to BBQ when the weather changes.

Panasonic do a range of different wireless multiroom speakers including the SC-All7CD which allow your dad to have the whole of his CD collection, itunes library or any online subscription such as Spotify on this one device. It allows the whole collection to be saved on the memory which the speakers have allowing you to stream that any time when requires meaning your house could always be connected. With the music you adore always playing out. Obviously the speakers may not be in everyone’s budget this fathers day as they range from £170 to £380  you could maybe chip in with other siblings and get this gift.  This is a gift I can imagine giving Joe and end up using a hell of a lot more because I love my music a lot more than he does I think.  

Raging Bull is a clothing brand that I was introduced to by David from DadVWorld if you haven’t checked him out you should do. Raging Bull is a company which is part owned ex-England Rugby Player Phil Vickery. They do some amazing clothing however, the items which I love the most are these polo shirts they remind me of Hollister if you think your dad would like the Hollister but you do not think that he is cool enough to rock them. These raging bull ones are amazing they look so smart you could wear them to events such as family meals when you need to look a little smarter than you may normally do.

They also do a huge range of different clothing some of the other items such as the rugby shirts remind me of the ones which you seen in stores such as cotton traders if you have ever visited that store.I personal think that they are something which I know a few of the males in my life would like.
You can purchase Raging Bull from their website they do a wide range of clothing so if polo shirts or rugby shirts are not something your Dad wears you might find something. These polo shirts are £45 however, from the reviews I have heard they sure are worth the money. I think they are going to be something which I may purchase Joe for Christmas hopefully he will forget about this post before. I would have purchase for my Dad however, I am unsure if he would like them due to been picky with styles.

This is a picture of something which we have done previously for the grand parents we have made them photo albums of Jess. Apoligises for the poor quality picture bit it is the only one which I have of the photo albums. Last year for Father’s Day I made Joe a memory stick full of pictures of Jess which he could load on his digital photo frame. So depending on the age of your Dad/ Grandad you could do either option. Personally, I love this idea should you be like us who have Grandparents who do not see their Grandchildren a lot because things like this mean more even to the men who may not admit it as often. You can use apps such as Freeprints which I have mentioned previously and you can purchase photo albums or even make your own scrapbook. You do not have to make them Winnie the Pooh theme like the ones in the picture I am sure if you look you can get some which are a little bit more masculine.

You could make a album full of memories which you have had with this person for example I have done scrapbooks as well of Jess’s first year of life as well as one which have been full of Jess’s cake smash which she did for her first birthday. We have done this so that people can remember the occasion and I am sure will love looking back at herself when she is older. This gift would not break the bank and sometimes the gifts which have had a lot of thought put into them are the ones which go down the best. This reminds me I need to update Joe’s memory stick when he comes back as all the pictures are at least a year old now.

Another idea for Father’s Day is to take your Dad out for a meal beware some places may make you actually book in advance if you want Sunday. Depending on what kind of food your family like there are a range of places you could go to eat. I back in February did a review of Wildwood which would be an amazing restaurant to eat and would not actually break the bank. They do some amazing Italian food as well as burgers this is a place that you could easy have just a main meal or have a three course meal. I seem to remember when I have been previously a 3 course meal for 2 people came to around the £50 mark. I know not every city has a Wildwood I am just lucky that we have one in York however, you could take your Dad to his favourite restaurant it could even be somewhere that does a nice carvery. 
This is an option which I would do with my own Dad however, we are both working on Sunday together which means that it could be very late and we will just want food as soon as we get home rather than having to wait in a restaurant which could be very busy. You do not have to take him for food on Sunday if you are like us and could be busy you could do it whenever it actually suits you. Another option is order a takeaway and maybe watch some tv or a film you both like as it will give you the quality time together which is sometimes what means more than spending £100’s on an physical gift. This is what I have found from my past experiences. 
The final item of this is on going in this round up which is these shave by touch shavers from EvoShave. These amazing shavers are designed for Men but I am not ashamed to admit that I used these. I was lucky to receive some just before Christmas and I have never had a problem with them I must admit. The have a touch strip which you rest your fingertips on and it gives you control and also it is meant to give you perfect precision,  These would be great for the Men in your life who love to actually maintain there beards as you could use these shavers to make sure everything looks neat. 
Instead of having multiple blades like a lot of the regular shavers which you see on the market do evoshave only have one blade which means that the blade gives you the ultimate sharpness, strength and durable. I have had one of mine which I have been using for 2 months however, I know that I will not use it as much as Men do because I don’t shave my legs till I need to benefits of not going on dates and tights hide your leg hair.  The top of the shaver has been personalised for father’s day they actually say super dad on the top where you put fingers they also say it underneath.  These shavers are so cheap they are only £4.99 and available on Amazon 
What do you plan on getting your Dad for Fathers’s Day 
Charlotte x
This post contains a paid for advert by Panosonic and also may feature a PR sample however, all views are my own 

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