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I was looking through my blog and the posts which I want to share with you in the next few weeks and realised that a lot of them are hauls as I have been purchasing a lot of things since I have a lot more free time since I finished university for the summer, Or reviews and tips of things which I feel could be useful to people this summer. While scrolling through social media which I do when I am looking for inspiration I noticed Sian from Theenglisheverygirl had done thing tag which shares a little bit more information about yourself with your readers. I realised that this is something which I have not done in the longest time so I though I would do this tag.

What’s the story behind your blog name?

When I was looking for a new name for my blog following the relaunch I had a lot of ideas and to be honest the name cupsofcharlotte comes from the fact that I want my blog to be like having a cup of coffee or something with a friend. I thought the best way to incorporate this idea within my name and that is how cupsofcharlotte was born.
What’s your real reason for blogging?

The main reason when I started was because I want somewhere where we can look back in a few years time when Jess is older and look back and see what we were doing what at any time. How we felt and also I feel like blogging is a great way for family to keep up with what Jess is doing as you know a few of them do not live close so it is a great way to get updates I know that Joe reads at the moment for this reason and also to see if he has had a mention. 

Best thing about blogging?

Actually been able to write and say what you want as a student I do a lot of writing however, the majority of it is for assignments where I do not have the chance to be creative say what I want and write in my own style. However, on my blog I have full control and I love it even taking pictures to remember memories helps as I think I wouldn’t take as many pictures if it was not for my blog. 

Worst thing about blogging?

The way that people can change once they get a big following you can go from speaking to them so much and almost speaking every single day to them not even bothering with you and unfollowing you on social media once they have a large enough following. I am not saying this happens to everyone once they get a larger following but losing friends is the worst part of blogging. 

Proudest moment so far?

I would say working with some of the amazing brands we have had the opportunity to work with. When I started never did I think that I would be lucky enough to be send products to try and share my opinions with you all. Another product moment which if you have a blog you will understand is my DA hitting 21 which means I have more opportunities now. 

What are your ultimate blogging goals? Don’t be shy!

Blogging for me is only a hobby as much as I love it is not something I can see myself doing full time to be honest however, should that happen it would be amazing.  One thing which I would love to do is get into coding more and maybe one day self host my own blog but I know that this will not be for at least a few years yet.

If you released a book, what genre would it be?

I would be shocked if I ever wrote a book to be honest but it would be a rom-com style something which is really easy to read because that is the type of book I like to read so I would have to publish something I would be likely to read. 

If you released products, what would they be? Homeware, beauty, or something unexpected?

If I was to bring out products I would love a few different ranges I would love to have my own candle brand as they are something I have a huge passion for, I think I would also bring out a kids clothing line like the brands you see on Instagram. Finally I think I would bring out some stationery because everyone loves it and with out I could not be as organised as I am. 

What would you name the products and why?

I have no clue I have’t thought about it in enough detail because I know it is only something which I can dream of doing.
What has blogging taught you?

That it doesn’t matter if your friends are miles away from you they will always have your back and be able to help you should you need them.  Being nice to actually pay off because if you are a bitch nobody is going to want to be friends with you and you will not succeed. 

Sum up your blog in three words!

Lifestyle, Family, Me

If you do the tag let me know in the comments I would love to read them 

Charlotte x

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