Mini Club, Gap Mothercare Summer Clothing Haul

I am sorry that the first picture of this haul is not actually everything that we have purchased that is because these items have been purchased over a long time and they have been put away so I could not do this like I would normally do. I have had to purchase Jess a lot of clothing over the last few months because of the fact that Jess does not have any clothing which is suitable for this time of year because obviously, she has grown so much since last summer. Some of these items are more for the cooler days and some are for if it is boiling hot again,  The majority of the clothing in this haul is from Boots, Mothercare and I think there is some GAP thrown in as well. 
A few weeks ago I popped to the designer outlet in York and we went to the GAP outlet because as you know Jess goes to nursery which means that if you can save some money on clothing which could possibly get ruined.  While in there I saw one random pair of Disney leggings they were these oatmeal coloured with Belle on the front holding the rose. These are actually in the size 2-3 which means that they are not going to fit her for a long time but Disney never gets old. These were reduced to around £4 when I got to the till which I thought was super cheap for GAP and Disney. I am going to team them with some plain t-shirts because of how busy these leggings already are. 
For some reason, I have no clue why the photo of this dress has a stupid black line down it I promise you on the actual dress it does not have this at all.  This item is a 12-18 months navy strappy skater dress with white dots from GAP. I picked this up because I love how simple this dress looks because she can either team it with a cardigan and tights should it be cooler and bare legs should it be warm enough for this to occur. This dress was only a bargain of £2.99 so this is one which I do not mind if this would get ruined a little bit at nursery.  I love how there is some darker coloured dresses for the summer months because they do not get ruined as easy as some of the lighter colours.

One of the first items which I purchased from Mini Club which is the kids clothing section from Boots. They do an amazing multi-buy offer which is almost like Next you can get 3 items for £12. When I first saw this dress I thought of the autumn months which is why I purchased it in the size 1 1/2-2 years the reason behind this is because I think it will look great paired with tights and maybe boots as well. It is long sleeved and it does have I think it is sunflower pattern. These dresses are of great quality and I know that this is going to be a dress which you are going to see on her a lot.

Another item which I purchase when in GAP was these blue flamingo leggings these are actually a little bit shorter than normal leggings I think these are Capi style. I loved how summery these look be she’s I find it harder to find bottoms which are not too dark in colour when the weather is nice but not nice enough to wear shorts. I can not remember how much these were as they had money off what it says on the tag however I think they were around the £6 mark. These for sure are going to get plenty of wear out of them.

These long sleeved tops where something which I purchased two sizes to big because of the fact that they are long sleeved which means that Jess is going to wear them more in the autumn and for the cooler summer months. I adored these because of the floral pattern I have very rarely found really bright coloured and putting Jess in bright coloured items is something I love to do even on dull days because I love letting her  brighten other peoples days. These wear only £5 I think for both of these and these are going to get plenty of wear under either pinafore dresses and then also with leggings.

This is an item which my mum actually picked up for us this is a £2.99 dress from H&M this is a beautiful coral coloured dress which has a hell of a lot fruity on the front. Jess is someone who really loves fruit which means this is perfect for her. It is a simply dress which I think she is going to be wearing with bare legs while the warm summer days stay here. This is one which again I do not mind if she ruins at nursery with paint or something similar I think I might have to take a trip to H&M and see if they have anymore of these £2.99 dresses which I like.

In GAP I spied out these leggings which for anyone who knows Jess will know that she loves Ice cream she even eats it when it is a really cold day so I thought what would be more perfect for my little one than ice cream leggings. I love how these are dark and then they have a lovely bright pattern on them which means that they can be teamed with either bright tshirts or a plain light coloured tshirt. These were only around the £4 mark which is great because I think that they are such an unusual pair of leggings. I can not wait to put her in these because I think they could be one of my favourite pairs in the next size up which Jess will be going into very soon.

This dress is one which the camera is not picking up amazing I am sorry about this. This is a dress from one of the designers in Mothercare I can not remember who exactly so I am sorry about that. It has a velvet top half which is actually grey in colour and super soft to touch. Then the bottom half is a netted lace  over the top of a thin skirt. When I saw this I knew I had to get it so that Jess could wear it to any family occasion such as a family meal because I think it is a beautiful slightly smarter dress and it was actually reduced from £25 to £10 so it was bargain for the price.

The next item which is these pair of leggings which were only £3.50 for both of them. Leggings I have found are something which you can never have enough of our this may only be me. These are going to be great for the days when I want to put Jess in a top which you could class as busy or something which is bright. As these leggings are in a grey colour and then they are a pair which are a black/ navy colour. These were in 18-24 months due to the fact that they did not have any in a smaller size but these are going to be something which she is going to get a lot of wear out of anyway no matter the time of year that she fits into them.

I know this is a summer haul but we all know how cold it can be in the UK in the summer when the sun is not out so I picked her up another set of long sleeved tops which she can wear either under a pinafore or on their own.  I purchased these because I adore the rabbit one I think they kind of look a little bit like miffy anyone else remember that from their childhood. I think that the dark one will be one which will be used under the pinafores more. I think the rabbit one is one which I am going to get her wear on its own because it is so beautiful I think these both were around the £5 mark. These I can gee using them a lot for nursery because they look like they are going to wash so well and they are so easy to wear.
I apoligse for the random box which is on this picture for some reason when I came to edit it the box was there and I can not get it deleted. This dress is from mini club as well it is a long sleeved royal blue loveheart swing dress. As you may know if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I love these kind of dresses for Jess. I picked this one up because I love the colour I rarely see anything in the royal blue colour for girls which is really shocking. I actually got this in a couple of sizes too big because I have a feeling that Jess could shoot up again soon however if she doesn’t it will come in handy for the autumn with tights instead of bare legs. This again was one of them which was on the multibuy offer. 
The reason behind I purchased this item was because of the shorts I adore them denim shorts and tights are something which I love to wear myself anyway. I thought these were so cute because of the flowers which I know is so on trend and this outfit was only around the £8 mark which made me think it does not matter if I only use the shorts and the tights and Jess use them with the with a different top. I am not a huge fan of the huge bow however, this may change when I put the outfit on Jess I am sure it is one which would look great for days at the park and the beach. I am sure we will have a few of them this summer. 
I adore the colour of this dress because it is such a bright pink colour and swans are not something which you see on a lot of items. For some reason this just screams summer to me it may be because of the colour. I am imagine Jess running around in this with bare legs and I think this is going to be one of the first items from this haul that I put her in because it might actually be my favourite. It reminds me of the chevron dress which Jess has in the size smaller because every time it came out of the wash Jess would wear it.  This was another one which was in the multibuy offer which makes me want it to got to Boots because I love there designs so much. 
The final item I purchased where these adoreable PJ’s they were only £8 for both pairs I loved the that they had a woodland theme due to them been long sleeved I purchased them in the size which Jess is going to be in the autumn because I think they will be the best then. These feel like the most soft and cosy pj’s which almost makes me wish they did them in my size because they are that amazing. I am sure that Jess is going to get so much wear out of these because pj’s for sure are one thing which a girl can never have enough of. 
What have you purchased recently?
Charlotte x

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