JoJo Maman Bebe Haul

JoJo Maman Bebe is a store which I have fallen in love with in the last few months if I am honest they do some beautiful pieces for both girls and boys.  I know that they are not the cheapest but they have some amazing quality pieces which wash really well meaning that they actual last and they do keep value which means when you come to resell them you can easy get a high percentage of what you paid should the item still be in a good condition. 
The first item which I purchased was these thick leggings which have birds all over them I love these for the winter months because they are thick enough to keep Jess warm when it is cold on our early morning commute.  These are such good quality that they will last all of the shuffling and playing which Jess does at nursery by the time that she does grow out of them they will only have bobbled up a little bit. I picked these up because of the fact that I love they have bird on and you do not see a lot of girls clothing with them on. These will look great with either bright tops or other dark tops. These were half price because of the fact I bought them out of season so they were £5.  I picked them up in 1-2 years so hopefully they will still fit Jess when it comes cold if not keep you eyes out I will be selling them on. 
Another item which I purchased where these clips I loved the floral one which is on the bottom which are white and floral which something that I have not seen in the longest time.  These clips remind me of the ones which you used to get for school where as now a lot of the clips you see have huge bows on both styles I like however, these are going to be great for when her fringe gets a little bit too long but mummy doesn’t want to cut it for getting her hair out of her eyes. I think these clips were around £3  for the pack of 6.
The next item which I purchased was these these flowery leggings which come in a two pack with a pair of leggings which are almost a navy colour. I think these floral leggings will look amazing with some of the pain tops which I have shown recently in hauls even those these I reckon will fit her in the autumn time for me these do not look to summery. Of course the navy ones can go with anything I think sometimes some of the best leggings which Jess owns are plain ones which you can pair with everything, For some reason these where reduced and I managed to get these two pairs for only £7. I reckon these will become a firm staple in her wardrobe. 
While in store I noticed that they has some more which where on offer and they were another floral pattern which is something which I have fallen in love with these remind me of a pair which Jess had when she was a very small baby. I love floral prints even though they are not something which I would purchase for myself I love Jess in them. I think that these are going to be teamed again with some of the plainer tops which she has because of how busy the floral leggings are. Because of the fact that they came in a two pack I picked up these amazing red leggings which I think I will get Jess to wear when she is wearing a busier print.  These again were reduced to £7 for both pairs which for me is not that expensive it is about the same price as some supermarkets. 
The final item which I picked up was these thick leggings which again have animals on however, this time it is Sheep.  These technically are from the boys section but as you know this is not something which actually bothers me.  These will be worn so much when she is commuting because them trains and stations can sure get cold in the winter months when it is dark. These look so cosy I almost wish they did them in my size because they would keep me so warm it would be almost like wearing you duvet. These had £5 off them due to the fact that they are out of season but I purchased them in 1-2 years in hope that they are still going to fit her when it comes cooler again.
Have you ever purchased anything from JoJo?
Charlotte x

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