Dear Dada- Oh No It Happened Again

Dear Dada

You know I was supposed to go back to Nursery this week well that didn’t happen I managed to get a get an ear infection and the nice doctor told me I was not allowed to go back because I would pass the infection to all of my friends. I ended up on antibiotics which mummy liked because do you remember we did not know if I was allergic to the medicine because I was very poorly last time and kept throwing it up but at least I know I am not allergic. Maybe if when I have my last viral infection if the doctor was allowed to give me the antibiotics it might have meant that I did not get this ear infection.  At least I am better now and this means that I can go back to nursery and this makes Mummy really happy because it picture day on Tuesday and it has been a while since we had them pictures done for my birthday.

Since I have had another week of nursery it means that we have watched a lot of TV because I have not been allowed to go outside because the weather has not been great. It has been windy and this really hurt my ear. So Mummy let me sit inside get lots of cuddles off her I think she is sick of paw patrol and Peppa pig because I have made her watch so much of it. I have promised her though that she doesn’t have to watch that much of it when I go back to nursery she can go back to watching youtube or love island which she is addicted to now.

On Friday I finally saw Auntie Emily it has been a while and you know how much I love my Ginger Auntie. It means that I got a trip to Costa because as you know it seems to be one of the only places which we end up meeting at for some reason.  I got so share some of mummy’s cookie which was super awesome and then after because the adults managed to spend over an hour talking in Costa I got treated to Chicken Nuggets from Burger King which you know is a hell of a lot nicer than the McDonald’s ones. Of course, because I am a princess me an Mummy shared 20 and don’t worry I had BBQ sauce because I am and addict now like you I could eat just the sauce.  While I was in town I started a secret project and you do not know what it is I be that is killing you because you hate surprises.

Saturday saw me do stage two of my secret project and it is now over don’t worry I might tell you what it is next update. I also walked on my reins to the post office a lot this week because Mummy keeps selling a lot of my old clothing off on eBay. This is good for me because I get walks and then I also get more new clothes and you know how much I love clothes. Don’t tell mummy but I think I have a better wardrobe than her.

Today I have gone on an adventure with Grandma, Grandad and Uncle Daniel to see the Gee Gee’s little do I know Marshall and Chase from Paw Patrol are going to be there.  This week will see us have a couple of days at home which will allow Mummy do a bit around the house and then a few days in York which will allow her to blog and do some other adult things. Mummy is working all next weekend which means that I get Grandma looking after me so I am sure that I am going to have lots of fun.

Miss you Dada

Love from Jess xxxx

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