Dear Dada- Jess’s Off On A Summer Holiday

Dear Dada

This week has been such a strange one Jess has been away for a whole week with your parents which have meant that I have been child free. I loved having the freedom which meant that I got to meet with people have fun which I am sure I will have to do a hell of a lot more while I have free time.  I only heard from Jess once which make me miss her even more because even when she is with you I manage to get loads of amazing pictures which makes me miss her a little bit less.

While she was gone I finally got to go to Papa’s the fish and chip place which did the UK’s biggest fish and chips as well as been rated Britains best can I just say I was not that impressed but then I am not a huge fan of fish and chips so maybe I am not the best person to ask or review them. This week saw me completed my final theory massage exam I hope I passed because you know that gives me a lot of opportunities such as going to the great north run and London Marathon. My workbook was nearly 100% which is amazing because I spent a hell of a lot of time on this and my lecturer said that it was a pleasure to read which means more when it was the harsh one who was marking it the one who wants people to fail. I think he must have a soft spot out for me.

We even managed to eat outside as a small family which as you know for my family is a massive thing because usually someone has fallen out with another member of the family and is plotting a way to kill them. Unfortunately, I was not feeling the BBQ I wasn’t hungry for some reason this week I have barely wanted to eat I think I am going to blame the heat but I know I am not the only person who has been feeling like this when I have spoken to others.

We had another rugby game which we actually managed to win which is a shock because we have been playing so rubbish I don’t know how we managed to do it due to it being played on Saturday and Jess has only been home a couple of hours I really did not want to go. However, I am actually glad I did because I think I would have annoyed myself more if I had watched it on the TV.  Talking of Jess when she came back your mum showed me all of the pictures which had been taken of the week most of them had the dummy in which is annoying because I have been working so hard to make sure that she only has it when she needs a nap. I am starting to hate dummies with a passion maybe it is because of the age of her now.

Jess had spent a lot of time on the beach on her holidays and even managed to get your parents to put her on the rides which you see on the seafront you might have to ask your mum to send you the videos if you want to watch them. She also visited a petting farm again but this time she was not bothered about trying to feed the animals.  I hope she actually got some amazing memories from the time which she spent with your parents along with the suntan which she has managed to come back with and the paw patrol cuddly toys.

Next week will see Jess finally back at Nursery on Tuesday which will be great because I am sure that she has missed her friends and they have missed her. This means that I will be able to spend a lot more time working on my blog which means that I may be able to work with some more amazing brands.

We Miss you Dada

From Jess and Charlotte x

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