Dear Dada- Billy Big Feet

Dear Dada

Wow this week has been a busy old one for us we have has a lot of fun. The week saw us having a Monday at home which means mummy going through my wardrobe looking what I have outgrown now and putting anything in good condition on eBay to sell. You would be proud because she has managed to sell some bits which she really loves rather than keep them in case I have a sister in the future.  While she did this I got to watch some Netflix because I was been such a good girl like I always am see there is a bonus of behaving.

Then I had to Tuesday to Friday at nursery which is more than I have been doing because since mummy finished uni I haven’t been going Monday or Friday but mummy had to work for Granddad this week and earn some pennies for a special trip when you get home.  Granddad actually picked me up with mummy on Friday which was strange it reminded me of when you come to pick me up on a Friday I miss that maybe that’s why mummy doesn’t make me do Friday’s anymore. I think they also went to do a little bit of shopping and went out for lunch which sounds exactly like you and mummy do.

It was great Nan’s birthday on Saturday so on Friday morning while on the train to York me and Mummy played on Moonpig and managed to make a special card for her because we know how much she loves having pictures of me on the front. Don’t worry we even put your name on the card and then we organised some flowers because she is so special she deserves something but they are only from me because we all know that I am her favourite.

To make up for not having a extra day with Mummy I got treated to a girls day with mummy and grandma on saturday which was nice just been with them too. We went into town which  as you know is something we really do not do very often. I got my feet measured because my shoes has become tight and I didn’t want them on anymore I now have size 6 feet. Everyone keeps calling me billy big feet for some reason is that another strange northern thing? Zara is also closing down here which meant that mummy had to pop in and then I managed to get a hell of a lot more clothes a lot of them are Disney. Don’t worry I will make mummy do a haul on here soon so you can see what I got. I think she spent about £70 on me which makes me a spoilt princess.

Next have opened an outlet now as well which is even more dangerous for mummy’s bank balance because it is staying and you know how much mummy loves next.  I can see mummy visiting the town more because she always seems to get some amazing bargains in there and I love trying to look my best. I even got to go out for lunch at ASK and I managed to demolish a 3 course meal you would be so proud of me because I am doing so well with my eating.

Today we are just having another chill day before another week of crazy times. I do not know what we have planned yet but I am sure that it is going to be jam packed because Mummy likes to keep busy because then the time seems to pass even quicker.

I miss and love you so much

Jess xxxxxx

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