May Primark Haul

Primark is not a shop which I found myself in a lot when Jess was a younger, however, since she actually started nursery and the Primark in the centre of York opened it is a shop which I have found myself purchasing more and more from for her. I think one of the reasons why this may happen is as I have said before it is cheap which means that I am not that bothered if for some reason it becomes ruined by paint or something else which she may get on it at nursery. 
The first item which I purchased for Jess was this yellow t-shirt because yellow is not something which Jess wears a lot of but it is a colour which really suits her. I think that this looks super summery and will even look amazing should she have darker leggings on the bottom half. I love how it does actually have some small little details including the flowers and butterflies which are around the girl. I could not believe that this was only £1.30 this meant that I had to go and look at all of the others in this range. 
Since her hair has been getting longer I have found myself wanting to use clips a hell of a lot more. When I was in primark I saw this amazing clips which have the princess’s on and you might know I call Jess my little princess and I am so trying to get her into Disney. I have already achieved her saying Minnie and she seems to love her so we are trying to introduce the princess. I kind of can’t wait to see who her favourite is. These clips for 5 were only £2 which means that I am not that bothered as I would be if they were more expensive and became broken. 
The next thing which I picked up was this dark blue t-shirt which says happy little thing in pink on it. As you know I do not have a problem with Jess wearing dark clothes because I think that it is amazing because I will let her wear what she wants I am always wearing dark clothes so why shouldn’t she be able to. If you know me or follow me on social media you will know that the majority of the time Jess is actually a little happy thing so I think that this top was very apt for her. It was only £1.30 so I think that this will be amazing with some of the brighter leggings which I have picked up.  This for sure is going to be a nursery staple because it is one of my favourites, 
As some of you make know Jess has an amazing relationship with her Grandad it is because she see’s him all of the time and he is almost like a second dad to her, This more so since Daddy has gone it is amazing she has so many amazing male influences in her life. So when I saw this top in the £1.30 range which says I love my Grandad I could not leave it on the shelf.  I am sure that it is going to be a top which is just going to boost Grandad’s ego even more if that’s possible because he claims he is a good looking Grandad that’s how big his ego is. 
This top is one which I actually picked up in a bigger size for some reason but this does not matter because Jess will still end up wearing it because it monochrome which if you know me is one of my favourite things. I can see me teaming this with a lovely bright pair of leggings or jeans and really getting the wear out of this. 
What is your favourite item out of this £1.30 tshirt haul?
Charlotte x

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