Lush- 93,000 Miles Shower Jelly Review

Shower Jellies where not something I had actually used until I fell in love with Lush which my addiction did not start till a few years ago. The reason I purchased this item was due to the fact that I had really bad shoulder pain and I had mentioned this in store and I got this amazing Jelly recommended to me.  I do actually freeze these showers jelly’s because I find them more effective then using them normally and have found that I do not drop them as often as when they are in their normal format.

This product has a base of euclyptus and mint which help soothe muscles and pain which is something I adore because if you know me you know I usually have a complaint. It usually is my back or shoulders because no joke I carry the weight of the world on my own shoulders and it is not good for me.  The mint element of this product does actually help reduce and relieve tension and should leave muscles relaxed and recuperated.

This jelly I love to use when I am warm I don’t actually know if it is because of the ingredients which can be found within it or if it is because it is frozen and the cool element feels amazing. It actually wakes me up and  because I wake up really early in the morning usually before 6 it is a product which I need on dark horrible mornings to make me alive.

If you have ever used Lush Wiccy Magic massage bar or deep heat 93,000 miles shower jelly actually reminds me of these scents. I think the reason behind this is due to the eucalyptus element it also has a ton of cinnamon oil in which makes it almost spicy but it does not actually make me think of Christmas. Like cinnamon usually do it is one which is great for a number of senses. 

This shower jelly does lather up not as well as some of the shower gels however, it does give you enough soft foam bubbles which will allow you to be come super clean. You can tell the product is working because of the sensations which you receive when you have been using this product is is almost a cooling sensation. 

I actually get relief which gives me a couple of hours of relief from the poor aching muscles and relax me which I prefer using compared to products such as deep heat. The reason behind this is because it does not feel as medical and I can use this for a long time.

I have been using this product for about 5 months and still have plenty of it left, I think I have heard that these small pots of jelly can last up to a 18 months.  I use mine whole and just rub it against my body when I am in the shower which allowed it to lather up. I know a lot of people cut them up and then use them I usually due but because this is a frozen shower jelly it is the reason I have not actually cut it up. 

I am not saying you have to use this frozen it is just the way I use it

Have you ever used a shower jelly?

Charlotte x

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