Half Year Goals

As some of you may remember at the start of the year I set some goals of what I wanted to achieve on my blog in 2017. Now we are nearly half way through the year, yes I know it has gone super fast I almost can not believe how fast it has gone.  I have managed to achieve one of my goals which means that I think that I am going to make my target a little bit higher so that I have something to aim for the rest of the 6 months.

Without any further, ado I am going to start

Start 2017: 998
Now: 1260
Target: 2000

As you can see I have managed to gain almost 300 followers in 6 months and I have had huge periods where I have not been using Twitter for some reason I actually fell out of love with it and it used to be my favourite social media. I am sure that if I take part in more chats and actually use my Twitter more I may be able to gain the just over 700 followers which and achieve the goal this year I can tell this one may take a little bit of work but I love interacting with you guys.

Start 2017: 498
Now: 743

This is has overtaken Twitter for me as my favouite social media I have found myself using the stories more which I think is a great way to interact with other people I know I have followed people because of it. I am sure that this is a goal which I am going to achieve because I am only 250 off this target and I have some fun things planned which I will be sharing on Instagram. This is a platform which I struggled to grow on but in the past six months, it is one which I have managed to do pretty well on.

Start 2017:180
Now: 198

After all of the drama with bloglovin I have found it hard to grow because of the fact that so many people have quit the platform which has meant that I have lost some followers even though you may be unable to tell because of the fact that the numbers have actually managed to grow.  I am unsure if I will get 250 followers by the end of the year but we can only hope.

Start 2017:8

This is one platform which I had only just started at the start of the year which is the reason why I only had 8 followers as you can see I have managed already to double my target which is something I am so proud of. As personally Facebook is something which I rarely use. I am going to up my goal to 200 because this looks like something which at the current rate could be achievable.

I also had some non follower related goals which were getting pinterest for my blog this is still something which I have not looked into this is something which I may look into over the summer as I have heard people say it is a great way of getting more traffic to your blog.  So keep your eyes peeled for that I will share on social media if this is something which I do.

I have just got my new camera which I got for my birthday it is not something which I have had out of the box and played with yet so my photography will not have improved that much yet but I am loving been able to use natural light instead of articial with all of the nice weather we have been having.

Do you have any goals for the rest of the year?

Charlotte x

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