Dear Dada- Actually Been Sociable

The first week they say is always one of the hardest and we have managed to survive it don’t worry there haven’t been any murders yet. The closest to death we have had is when Mummy stupidly got bitten about 20 times by something well that must mean I am tasty right?. I am glad that the itching and swelling have finally gone because it was horrible. I am sure you would have been laughing at me though.

I have submitted my final written assignment of this year which is amazing because it means that my stress levels have gone down. This is something which you would be amazed at because I think I have been pretty stressed out for the longest time. I think you’re going to dread it when you come home and I am in the middle of the third year. Just one more massage and an exam to go and then it is me done for a couple of months.  This week sees Jess drop one of her days at nursery no more having to go to York on a Friday for a few weeks woo I might actually get more sleep.

Driving home on Friday night all we got from Jess was Dada dada dada I don’t know if this is because it was a Friday or because she knew it’s the road we drive all the time together and she wondered where you was.  Another cute thing which you might love is now when she shouts for you I say is he with the penguins and she replies yes, I am sure she thinks you are a penguin now least it shows she is not forgetting all about you. She even knows when she gives me a hug or a kiss I need two now because I can send them to you when she is fast asleep dreaming about when she is going to see you next.

I promise I have been keeping busy apart from doing assignments as you might have seen I have actually been writing posts which is amazing for me. It keeps my mind active and it is something I am passionate about doing now. I am so glad you told me I had to do something like this again when you went otherwise I might still be emotional and crying. I haven’t cried since early Monday morning when I read your final message but I am sure that’s allowed.

Even though you are not here I even have bought you a present from Lush Father’s Day range because of course, I had to get it the first day it came out. I think that has become a tradition now can’t believe the next launch will be Christmas and it means I can get some snow fairy for you. Don’t worry I will have a lush haul up for you this week.

Saturday saw us head back to York to meet some of our blogging friends the amazing Claire and Lisa along with Logan and Imogen. It was great to meet some other bloggers because I feel sometimes like I am the only one who is going this and it can be a lonely place. Jess has some much fun because she got to go on the reins which you know how much she loves doing it.  We met some amazing brands who I might have to work with and purchase more items for Jess from. The pasty shop in the train station do amazing smoothies I am glad we went in there last weekend I may or may not have had two of them this week.

Sunday saw us have a chill day which is always good because when was the last time I had one of those. I might have gone to Asda and spent a small fortune on clothing for the princess all because I realised that she might need some new swimming costumes for when she goes away with your parents in a couple of weeks. Oh and we needed nappies as well because someone has decided to use them all at nursery.  I will be doing a haul as well so you can see what we have been buying don’t worry I haven’t spent all your wages yet.

Next week we go and see Nanny and Grandad this could be fun to see how Jess is down there without you. I for one think it is going to be strange I am kind of glad that I am only staying two nights because I am going to watch them sexy rugby players in Newcastle.

Hope your cold goes soon

Love Jess & Charlotte xxxx

Ps. Daddy don’t forget it’s Mummy’s birthday on Sunday ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Oh Charlotte, you're so strong, it can't be easy and I'm certain he absolutely LOVES reading these updates. I'm glad you're managing to get out and have fun, and I hope the days, weeks and months all spin by so fast for you xxx

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