Tesco Spring/Summer Clothing Haul

I have decided that I am going to share with you today some bits which I got a while ago but I know that these items are still available because they are part of their spring/summer ranges. I hardly ever actually go to Tesco to have a look at their clothing because it now is not somewhere we go to shop if this makes sense.

The first item which I picked up is this pack of 5 trainer socks in these lovely pastel socks which are going to go with some of the other items which are included in this haul. I remembered when I was in Tesco that Jess has some normal socks some of which are getting tight on her feet because she is always growing and then she doesn’t own trainer socks when she does actually own a pair of trainers. I love the colours because they remind me of the spring/summer period which we are going into and these were a bargain as I managed to get this pack of 5 for only £3. I am sure that she will be getting plenty of wear out of these in the coming months.

Leggings are something which she owns a fair amount of the reason behind this is because I find them so easy to put on when she is going to nursery as all you need is a nice top. She does have a few pairs in the next size up which is 12-18 months but I saw these pastel ones and was drawn to them for some reason I know that they will go well with some tops which she has in 12-18 months. I am sure that these will get plenty of wear because as I said you can use them for nursery when it is sunny or even when it is raining which is more likely in the UK, In this three pack you got a pair of pink and white stripped ones, a pair of white and a pair of mint ones. For these 3 I only managed to get these for £6 which means that it is only £2 a pair. This means that it does not matter to me as much should these get ruined with paint or something at nursery,

With summer coming up I decided that I would pick up these plain denim shorts I think these are going to be teamed with tights and a top. I can style her like this for both nursery and when we go on family days out. They have elastic in the waist which means that they are going to have room for when she grows without digging in and becoming tight. These shorts were only £6 I have seen similar ones in Gap for £20. Jess already has a couple of pairs of shorts in 9-12 months the size which she is currently in and she seems to love them so I am sure that they are going to get plenty of wear out of these.

The next item I picked was this 3 pack of vest tips which have flowers on the top half I choose these because I found that they are simple enough to wear with leggings which could be classed as busy yet they look amazing even with plain leggings. I love the mint green colour because it is not a colour which you see a lot of girls clothing in. Within this pack there is also a white which is the same design as the mint one on the front. The one on the back is actually a really busy flowery print however, this is going to be one which is amazing with some plain leggings so that it does not clash. This 3 pack was only £7 if it does not get warm enough this summer for short sleeves these can always be teamed with a cardigan.

Can you tell a team when I was shopping I wanted it to be the summer I decided that Jess needed some more of the vest tops these ones are ribbed and they have some amazing lace details on the arms however, apart from that it is plain. I was drawn to the pink and the yellow because these are colours which are not found commonly in Jess’s wardrobe.  I will be teaming these with leggings and shorts depending on the temperature again if it is not that warm she can always put a cardigan over these. I could not leave them behind because for the pack of 3 it was only £4 which is a bargain so again I am not bothered should they become ruined at nursery.

Grey is a colour which I love to see Jess in for some reason and I love these skater kind of dresses. I find them so easy because all you need to do is put some tights should it be cold or bare legs if the summer ever come and then you look stylish. Every size Jess has been in I have had to have a couple of these style of dresses they are similar to the ones which you can get from Next. I love the rabbits as I feel like they are grown up because an issue I have found as because she is 1 1/2 she is still in the baby section and they can make her look stupid.  This dress was only £4 as you can see from the picture and I am sure it is going to be one which gets a ton of wear out of. I might have to go back and see if they have anymore like this.

Talking of similar dressed I managed to find this dress which is the same style as the one which I just showed however, this one is pink and floral. As you may know if you know me pink and floral is not something which I would wear myself but it is something which I think suits Jess so well her hair just really goes with light colours of pink. I am hoping these dresses are going to be ones which wash really well because I am sure they are going to be ones which she is constantly wearing as soon as they are out of the wash.

Do you shop in Tesco’s for clothing?

Charlotte x


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