Use 17 in 17 update 1

As you may remember way back at the start of the year I wanted to use up 17 products in 2017. I didn’t do an update in February due to the fact that I did not manage to use as much of the products as I thought I might and I felt like there was no progress. I will admit I have managed to lose one of the products because Jess had the Soap and Glory Lipstick in Pompom. I am sure that I am going to find it at some stage in the future and actually will be able to use it all up. Another product which you may notice is missing is the collection lasting perfection concealer this is because I have managed to complete this already I have one in my stash which I will be using in the next few months but I am glad my old one has been completed.

The first product which I am going to share with you is one which I know that I haven’t used at all in the two months which is really annoying because I am never going to finish if I don’t use it. The product which I am talking about is the Revlon Colourstay foundation. I feel like this is a product which I am going to use this more when I need a foundation to last all day I am sure this is one which I will be using for the grand national which I will be attending at the start of next month. My aim is to start using this in the next couple of months.

The next item is one which I can see the difference in and it is the Sleek Rose Gold Blush I can see the pan has grown on the left which is always good because more pan means that I am using the product up. I can also see that the right side is starting to thin out as well. I am unsure if I am going to be able to finish the whole blush in the time but I am glad that I can see more pan. Because of the colour, this is one which I am sure will be used more in the summer months because it is such an easy colour to wear and it makes me look like I have been in the sun.

Urban decay primer potion is one which I have not been reaching for a lot because I have not been wearing too much eyeshadow. I think that I have really only this once but this will change when I have more time on my hands in the mornings I will be able to do more eyeshadow my aim for this product is to use it a couple of times and I am sure this is something I will be doing as I have some exciting things coming up next month which may see me using more eyeshadow so I will be reaching for my primer.

Benefit porefessional is one product that I really can not stand it just seems to leave a horrible film on my skin which I can not be dealing with. However, with this been said I have used this a handful of times because of the fact that I do want this product to be gone. I have used half of this so I am sure that if I put my mind to it I will be able to finish it up in the next couple of months.

This is another product which I did not think that I had used a lot but when I look back on the pictures I can tell that some have been made as I have gone down to the E now and was on the a The highlight is naturally something which I reach for in the summer months so this is something which in the next few months I am sure you will be able to see a change in. I really want this product to be gone before September and I am sure it is achievable.

The pigmentation in this eyeshadow pallete is poor for me which makes me not want to go and reach for it because every time I do I seem to be very disappointed which is never a good thing. This is the Avon 8 in 1 pallete if you was not aware of it. I think I have used it a handful of times because I have others which I love more but in order to start using this I think I am going to have to use it at least once a week so I can make some dents in it. This is a product which I really do not think I will have finished before the end of the year I think is a step too far for me but only time will tell. 

ELF SPF 15 Lip Balm is a product which I will admit I have actually been reaching for at least 3/4 times a week which is a great way to make progress. I don’t feel like you can see that I have made that much progress because of the fact you don’t need a lot of it and also because it is clear. This is one which I am going to try and maintain because I am sure that it can be finished before the end of the year which is going to be a huge achievement for someone like me who doesn’t use a lot of lipbalm. I think this is one which I would repurchase if I found it again

The powder is a product which I seem to reach for more in the summer months so I do not go oily but as you can see I have made a little bit of progress on the Essence stay all day powder because I have now hit a small amount of pan. This is one which will start going faster when the weather becomes warmer because if you are in the UK you will know how cold it has been and I do not need much powder. I have decided that if I have not completed this before the end of the year I may end up throwing it away because of the broken packaging.

When I started the project the NYC lip stain in smooch proof was close to the L in lip stain and now it is closer to the S. It is really hard to see how much of this you have used in on the picture but I promise that is how much I have. I have found that I have come to love these products because they are so easy to wear even for university which means that I am reaching for them quite a lot at the moment. I would love to be half way up the stain part by the next update and I am confident of using that much if I maintain the rate I am currently working at.

Again it is hard to see how much of the stain I have used but I was about the same as the one in smooch proof but I think I am actually up to the T in stain in this one which is the shade rock on ruby. If I have not been using smooch proof I have been using this one I am confident that I can make more progress on these due to the fact that I am loving them so much. I would love to use to the end of the word stain in this product by the next update this may be setting myself a really hard challenge but only time will tell.

The Rimmel scandleyes in Nude is another one which I do not think I have sharpened which means that it will not have got any smaller. I am unsure if I actually reached for this item this is something which I really need to change because I loved it so much. It might make me look more awake which is something which I need at this time when I have so many assignments which need completing. So look out for some progress on this item in the next update.

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever this is a product which I know I have only used once and I was not too impressed with it which is the reason why I have not used it again At least I have managed to get a small amount of progress but the aim for time item is to use it a handful of times before the next update in order for progress to be made.

I think I have used this a few times but due to the fact I have been reaching for the ELF lip balm, it means I have not been reaching for this one as a much. However, I can see that I have made a tiny bit of pan but for me, this lip balm is way to sticky and this is why I do not reach for it more even though I really should.  I want to make the sides go down a little bit in the next few months and then this will prove to me that this product is going down.

Cream eyeshadow is something which I love because to me it means that I can swipe the colour all the way over the eyes. However, this is a product which you do not use a lot of which means that these products seem to last for a long time. I have been using this product every couple of days but they does not seem to be much different but I do aim to use a lot more of this product when it is the summer months.

Since I managed to finish one product I have decided to add another one this is the Lush santa lip scrub which I know is out of date but this is not something which bothers me at all. I love the way that this polishes my lips and makes sure that there are no dead skin on my lips which makes applying lipsticks easier. This product you need the smallest amount of so it is going to take a while I just want to see how much progress I can make in the year.

Are you trying to use up some products this year?

Charlotte x

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