Next March Sale Haul

I know that one of my most viewed posts are when I share what I have purchased clothes for Jess I have a feeling that this is because everyone seems to love baby/toddler clothing.  As I think I have mentioned in previous hauls Jess is not in the clothes which she should be for her age she currently is in 9-12 months even though she is 18 months old.

The first item which I have purchased for Jess is these beautiful coral shorts I am well aware that they look more red on the picture I realise. These I picked up for the bargain price of £3 and I got them in 12-18 months this then means that she will be able to wear them in the summer when it is warm. These will be great for either day when we go out to the park or the beach even nursery because she loves to be outside.

I also purchased another pair of shorts however these one are in a light blue colour which have a little whale on them, The reason why I purchased them is because I know that when the summer months come Jess will need a lot of shorts because she loves been outdoors which means that she needs bottoms which are really practical. These are in the bigger size because of when we want to use them I think they will look beautiful with pattern tops or either really plain ones which could be bright. These again were only £3.

I also purchased some blush jeans which I think look a little bit less harsh than the typical denim jeans in the summer months. These feel a little it think which means that they will be great for the cooler days wich we know we have in the summer months. I am sure these could be dressed up in the summer with means that this could be paired with a really nice top which would be perfect for a family mean as because of the fact that she is doing really well without getting super messy when eating it means that this could be an option. These jeans I think were £10 I am unsure because they no longer have the tag on but these were not a sales purchase but I purchased at the same time as when I picked up my sale items.

This cat Gillet was purchased because Jess loves animals so I thought that it would be perfect for when it is a little bit chilly but you do not want something on your arms,  This is something which is a little bit thick but I am sure this is going to be used a lot in the late summer/autumn because me and Jess do leave the house early in the mornings and this will be perfect for this. I love the mint colour I feel like we should have more baby clothes in this colour because it is one of my favourite for little people. This I picked this again up in 12/18 months so that it is something which will be used in a few months time, I picked this up for the bargain price of £8 instead of £16.

Bottoms are a thing what with Jess I can’t seem to get enough of for some reason she seems to always have them changes. I know I said that I preferred the blush jeans that is true but I decided that Jess did need some of the actual denim ones. They are super smart or I think that they are and they can be made really casual if this is something that I want to be able to do. These are the again in the size 12/18 months which means that they will probably last till around the Christmas period if she does not have a growth spurt. Again I think that these were around the £10 mark which for me is not bad for jeans which I know are going to last because they are from Next.

I don’t know if these pyjamas may look too festive for people I have purchased these in the size 12/18 weeks I think they may actually be the size above which means that they are going to fit her in the winter months. They are very nice cotton bottoms which are something which I have loads of if I am honest I adore the checked print of these I wish they did the bottoms in my size.  The top is a cream thick and fluffy top on the outside, however, it is a little bit thinner inside which means that she is not going to boil when she is sleeping because Jess is the kind of child who is always really warm if this makes sense. I am unsure on the price of these however, I think that they were close to the £8 mark however, I could be incorrect.

The final item in this haul is something which you may have seen because it is in 9-12 months. It is a beautiful grey stripped tunic/top it has bunny on the front which has rabbits on with butterflies and has a couple of mushrooms on. I picked this top up because it is actually dull as such as it sounds bad but it is not because Jess has some really bright leggings it means that sometimes I want duller tops so that Jess does not look too bright and stand out.  Jess loves this one for some reason maybe because it has animals on and we know that Jess loves them. This top was onlu £4.50 and I think that this is one of  favouite ones in the warerobe at the moment she has been wearing it a lot recently and it’s perfect for the spring weather we are having because it is long sleeved which means that she can deal with the chill in the air.
Did you pick any bargins up in the Next sale?

Charlotte x

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