Lush Mothers Day 2017

Mothers Day in the UK is just under two weeks away so this is your warning if you have not purchased anything and need to don’t forget.  I a couple of weeks ago now popped into Lush to see what they had released as part of their Mother’s Day collection. I haven’t purchased the whole range like I did for Valentines because if I a honest there is products such as Yummy Mummy shower cream which I am not a fan of so I am not going to purchase for the sake of hauling it on my blog.

I think all of the products which I have picked up are actually brand new for this year which is something for me which makes it very exciting. I will say I did actually purchase a upsy daisy but it managed to smash into pieces which means that I did not want to take a picture of this. This is such a beautiful floral scent but it does not last long on the skin when you get out to me it smells like floral with a ton of orange.So without further ado I will get on to the products which I managed to purchase and photograph.

Baa Baa bubble bar I had to adopt this little fellow because he only has one eye but usually the do have two I will promise you this but I have to purchase ones which are not normal like me should they have them. Baa Baa to me reminds me of parma violets the sweets which you used to consume as a child which I did not love to eat but I love the scent. This for me is going to give two to three baths which does not impress me that much due to the fact that it the same price of the other bubble bars. I haven’t tried this one in the bath yet but I am sure you will see it on my Instagram when I do. You can pick up this little fellow for the price of £3.95.

The Mum is another sweet bath bomb it reminds me of either lovehearts or refresher sweets which may be too sweet for some people but to me it is one which I like as it makes a change from sickly sickly products. It has so much orange and lemon scent which if you know me is some of my favourite scents. The mum does come in a couple of colours however they are the same scent it is only the colours which make a difference this is the reason why I only purchased one of the products. It almost reminds me of love locket which came out for valentines day a couple of years ago you can get your hands on this bath bomb for £2.95 which is one of the cheapest bath bombs lush stock.

Does your mother know bubble bar is another item I purchase this shares it sent with one of my favourite products which is the Frozen bath bomb. This is a huge bubble bar which is the same size as the comforter which means that I can get between 4 to 6 baths out of this which to me means that it is really good value. This one which is going to make my mood happier because of the fact that it contains grapefruit and it smells amazing this is one which I could be purchasing a handful before mothers day does disappear.

Elsie the giraffe your havin a bath this one of my favouite is one of my from this range I think that this is because it is a giraffe which I love as an animal . I will worn you that the head can fall of because of the fact that the head is so heavy on a stick. This is a reusable bubble bar which means that you can swirl this under the water a number of times this features orange, grapefruit and lemon so of course this is going to be one of my favourites. This is going to be one which I am going to use a lot of the times I have actually purchased a second one of these because I think that I am going to add one to Jess’s Easter basket which I will be sharing in the future. This reusable bubble bar is available for £6.95 which is not bad which is going to be able to use for a long time.

For a long time I have stated that Lush do not have enough shower jelly this is when they came out and launched Pink Custard.  This is reminds me of the telitubbies maybe because I made Jess watch it a couple of weeks ago. This is supposed to have the same scent as think pink which has been changed but to me I can not really smell anything at all I need to see if this changes in the shower when I put in under the water because I think that I may be able to smell something stronger. This is not one of my favourite shower jellys I hope that I fall in love with it in the future because I was so desperate for a shower jelly to be launched.  I know a lot of people thought that this was going to smell like twilight but unfortunately this does not. This shower jelly is £4.95 for 100g and £8.50 for 250g

Soap is not something which I love but I smelt this sunrise soap which I could not purchase because it smells like orange and lemon sherbets which is amazing for me as you my see from the kind of products which I love. This smells like a brightside bubble bar but in soap form which is one of my bubble bars when I am not feeling my normal self. I think that I would love this to be released in shower gel form as it would be something which would really wake me up in a morning and due to the fact that I have a shower around 6am this is something which I could do with sometimes. This is £4.25 for 100g.

Scrubee is a body butter which has to be used in the shower you wet him and then rub him all obver before rinsing him off. The black which you can see under the body butter is the coconut shell I will tell you now that this is a very effective scrub and something which I will be using in the summer months when I need to get rid of some of my dead skin. This is a product which I think smells a lot like white chocolate and must resist trying to eat it because it does smell that good. I am going to have to make sure that I wipe all the damp away from the body butter when I use it because it is not one which I want to go mouldy on me. Scrubee for sure is one of the favourites of people I have spoken to.

What would you like from this mothers day range for either yourself or your mum?

Charlotte x

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