Living Arrows #12- Time To Explore

As some of you may know if you live in the UK the weather has become really nice and since we have such girl who wants to be outside all of the time it has seen us as a family be outside a couple of times this weekend. We took Jess to a park at the other side of the the city and it is a large park which means that she can roam free, We picked up another rein bag this one is a ladybird one and this is going to stay in the car so that we can use it if we need it and do not have the other one. This bag was only £8.99 from Argos and it was Treprass as well. As you can tell she from the photograph she is having such a great time and when I looked on my phone she has walked around 2 miles that day and that’s a lot for little legs.

During our time in the park we have had an ice cream Jess decided that she wanted a milky moo I think they are called and this is her face when it has all gone, We still had ours but Jess had finished and it meant that she ended up sharing half of mine because she is such a cheeky monkey but she deserves it don’t worry she did not have way to much. I love this picture because I think that she looked really a little girl but I do forget that she is 18 months now and she is not a little baby anymore. I think that it is one of the first times I have put her in light denim properly and she has tights under them.

The final image I am going to share with you is this one of Jess in our back garden and this was her face when she had a found a plant pot. I think she had great fun because she was always trying to get them and the pegs which have been dropped on the grass during the winter and we have not managed to pick them up. I love this picture however something which I am not a huge fan of is how super ginger she looks om this picture but I am not bother if she fully turns out like this, I am sure looking forward to more summery days because it means that we can be outside more.

How have you been spending this warm weekend?

Charlotte x

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