Living Arrows #11- Becoming Creative

For Christmas I purchased Jess these bath crayons but we have not used them until recently this means that you can drawn on the bath and even your skin as you can see she has some blue colour on her face. These have seen us have so draw some amazing pictures on the bath this is something which we have has so much fun doing because of the fact that the it allows us to be creative without having to make too much mess which is good because of the fact that I am not a huge fan of mess. When Jess is in the bath she is having so much fun with these I think I might have to purchase more when these break. I think that they are only are around £3 of amazon so it is worth checking out if your looking for these.

This week has been one of the longest for Jess for some reason as you can see this picture is taken of her on the train. She was so tired and usually goes for a nap as you can see she has her really comfy blanket which makes her sleep because of the fact at the moment it means that it gives her some comfort she seems like she is now getting into the teddy bear stage as well because on a night when I go to bed and check on her I have noticed that she is always cuddling her build a bear.  This weekend she has managed to sleep more which means that she is not as tired.

The final picture which I am going to share with you is this one where Jess looks really grumpy I think this she was so grumpy due to the fact that she was so tired and she needed to nap. I love some of the pictures where she actually looks grumpy because it shows to me that I don’t only take pictures when she is happy and wanting to remember the amazing times I want to remember all of the times,
Have you done anything amazing this week
Charlotte x

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