Living Arrows #10 – Brum Brum

I don’t know about you guys but I can not believe how fast this year is going 10 weeks have already flown by and before we know it it will be Christmas. This week I have not been feeling the greatest it is for a couple of reasons but I think that I will share that at another date. We have not done a lot this week because I have been at university and it is getting close to my deadlines which means that I am becoming a little bit stressed. As a treat on Saturday we decided to go for a walk around a local retail park just to make sure that I got some fresh air and then Joe decided that he was going to treat me and Jess to a cheeky Mcdonald’s just look at her face how happy she was when she knew that she was going to get some chicken nuggets.

As a result of doing to the shops we ended up locked out because silly mummy forgot to take her keys out which means that we had to wait for either grandad or grandma to come home because of this Jess decided that she was going to try and drive the car for the first time do this is her with her hands on the wheel . For any of you wondering no she does not have the engine on at all so it is safe she could not do anything. She was such a natural she knew were to put her hands straight away I don’t know if this is something I should be proud of or something I should be concerned about all the amount of time we spend in the car.

I think that this picture has to be one of my favourites that I have ever taken of Jess because we only pointed at the gear stick and straight away we saw her put her hand and check the road in front. I am sure that once this little girl turns 17 we will not be able to stop her leaning to drive and she might even have her test passed in no time. I say this because I think she is such a natural but I know that only time will tell. I am not wishing her life away

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Charlotte x

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