Jess at 18 months

Dear Jess

It’s hard to believe that 18 months ago today you was still inside me now you are not a baby you are becoming such an independent little lady. I wish you would slow down because Mummy for one is not ready for all of this you are still my little girl. You have become such a friendly and confident little girl strangers always seem to come up to you which makes you laugh and you want to play peek-a-boo with them,.

You have no trouble when it comes to eating you always manage to steal food off other people and call it sharing. I think we are still yet to find something you don’t like there is no calling you a fussy eater.  Banana’s, Yogurts, Ice cream and Strawberries seem to be some of your favourite foods at the moment I am sure that it is because it is the spring/summer and these foods are always available.  You are still using your highchair like a big girl and now have mastered using cutlery which shows your growing up even though sometimes you do need reminders.

You are doing so well with your sleep as well you go to bed between 6-7pm later if we are not home yet from York.  You have set this time yourself which is something I wanted you to. You sleep all through the night and then  I have to get to you up at like 5.45am in order to get everything done so we can get on the train.

You have really come on with your speech we have a fair few words now and you have become such a chatterbox. The words you’re always saying are:

Stuck- When you have got trapped somewhere and you want someone to rescue you

Dada/ Daddy- Constantly do I hear this when you want Daddy even when he is not there

Shoes-  This occurs when you want to put your shoes on or when you want them off

Jess- Your often caught saying your own name

Mama- That’s what you seem to be calling me at the moment

Ook – This is what you say when you see a book

Uck-  This is currently a duck

Yes- I always hear this

Woof Woof- this is when you see a dog and you really do love them,

I am sure these words will develop as you grow we have a fun few weeks planned with a lot of adventures I am sure which we will be sharing with you. I am sure we are going to have an amazing and busy summer. I can not wait for you to watch you grow up.

That’s all for now Jess I will write back when your 2

Love From

Mummy x

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