Living Arrows #8 – Dada Dada

Dada Dada are words which I swear the words which I have heard so much this month no matter what Jess is doing at the moment she seems to always want her Daddy. I think that this is because they are best friends but I know how much it hurts her when he goes away which is something which she is going to have to deal with a lot in the next few months, As you can see from the picture above sleeping seems to make Jess better when she is missing Daddy maybe this is because of the fact that she knows the more she sleeps the quicker she see’s him. I swear I end up saying Friday as she sees’s him on the weekends because during the week we are so busy. She must really look forward to the weekend so much because she gets to see both her parents which she does do a lot during the week.

Recently we have had to get Jess out of the pram for a number of reasons when we are on the train which is sometimes not the best because of the fact that there has either been a number of prams or disabled people. This means that I have had to entertain her more so this weeks she has started using snap chart filters a lot more because for some reason they are so funny to her this is one of my favourites which we have taken this week because she is so posing for the picture. I love how serious she looks because of the fact that this is her naturally when she is grumpy but over the time of using snapchat she seemed to be getting a lot happier.

Jess this weekend has not been too well it meant that she wanted plenty of cuddles and because of the fact that she has been sick it meant that she had to have a couple of baths which she always seems to love. As you can see here she is feeling a lot better because of the fact that she has such a cheeky luck on her face. I swear since the start of this year she has not been a lucky bunny she keeps managing to get every bug and illness hopefully this is the last once which she is going to get and now she is going to be healthy.

What have you done this week?

Charlotte x

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