Living Arrows # 7- Radio Silence

Another week has past and shock this is a whole week which Jess has managed in Nursery as you may know if you have been reading my previous weeks she hasn’t managed to do many of them since the start of the year. Maybe we are at the end of the bugs we can only hope. This picture which is above is one of my favourites I have taken this week it was taken on Friday when Jess was shouting for Dada. She has not been able to talk to him much this week at all it was not until shortly after this picture she was able to talk to him on Friday which I think made her week.

This picture sums up a number of things to me it looks as if she is celebrating not been poorly anymore which is a huge plus for all of us. As well as celebrating a number of other things like the amazing followers we have and also we have started to insta story more so if you want to see more of us why not follow us on instagram @cupsofcharlotte.  It was also taken on a Wednesday which makes me think that she already knows it’s hump day and she was celebrating this as well.

The final one which sums up our week is this one which is Jess fast asleep dead for the world. I have a feeling this is because she has been having way too much fun at nursery and because of this she does not want to nap a lot when she is there due to the fear of missing out. Jess doesn’t even like napping at home if she thinks she is going to miss out on something really exciting when normally she really is not going to. 
What have you done this week?

Charlotte x

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