Living Arrows #6 – zzzzz Sleeping

This week ended again with Jess been poorly she managed to get her first sickness bug which again resulted in a day off nursery she has only managed to do one full week this year. Jess decided that she wanted a lot of cuddles when she was poorly and this meant that we did no do a lot this weekend because it is what she wanted so the weekend consisted of cuddles and naps. This did mean that we have had to scrap the plans which we kind of made for valentine’s however, I am sure that we will end up doing something else at a later date.

The picture which I have used at the top of this post is one which I took on Friday when all she wanted to do was get under a blanket and cuddle me. If you have a child around the same age as Jess you will know that they would rather be on their feet on the move constantly so this was another way I knew she was poorly. I think she actually end up napping on me for a couple of hours. I will admit it was really nice to have cuddles like we did when she was baby.

I love this picture so much this was taken not long after she had woken up for milk because she had ended up going to bed without having any tea. She was way too tired this bug which she has been suffering must really have knocked her. I love the eyes on this I captured this as she was giving me her dummy which I had hardly seen her this day because I had been at rugby if your a league fan you will know the new season has started I am so excited about it. I think this shows that it doesn’t matter what you are doing it is amazing to capture even some of the smallest moments and remember them.

The final one which I am going to share this week is one which I took in the middle of the night when she decided she need settling and then the cheeky monkey took over my bed. As some of you may know I don’t know if I have mentioned it on her that I have a single bed I couldn’t actually get in my bed when she did this because of how she had laid. Looking back on this she may have actually been starting to get the sickness bug and that is why she was not feeling herself. I will tell you this that she better not get used to it because this Mummy needs her sleep a lot at the moment.

What have you been up to this week?

Charlotte x

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