Winter Skin Care Routine

Skincare is essential to me anytime of the year because I like most people hate having spots and horrible skin. I have eaten so much rubbish over the festive period I felt like I really need a skin care routine which actually works for me. I have had the same routine for around 3/4 months now I have made sure that all the items I use are easy to get hold of even thought my cleanser is now discontinued.

The first item which I use is my Magnitone Lucid I have the one which Pixie Lott worked with them on so this one is not available anymore. You can other models of the cleaning brush which I can imagine are still as amazing as the one I have. I notice when I do not use this cleansing brush because my skin does not feel as clean. This brush really gets deep down and cleans which is what I want from it. These cleansing brushes claim that you can see results in as little as 7 days which is something I believe. The whole cleansing process takes a minute with it beeping to tell you when you need to move to a different part of the face this is really handy for me because I never seem to spend long enough on the right part of my face. I purchased mine second hand about 18 months ago and would not be without it now. The heads are so easy to get your hands on and only cost £15 for 3. These brushes are £70 however, can be found on offer currently at Boots.

I use the Soap and Glory 3 in 1 daily face wash on my cleansing brush this was a product I do not find that effective should I use it alone. This face wash makes my face feel so clean it is made for people who have oily to combination skin which I would say mine is dry to combinational. My face always feels clean and refreshed when I have used it and the small beads exfoliate your skin which is always a bonus. These bottles are huge seen as you only use a really small amount I think one of these lasts be between 3/4 months which is amazing seen as this is only £8 and regularly can be found on offer.

The cleanser which I use is actually limited addition from Lush it was part of their Christmas range it is Buche De Noel. This cleanser does actually have ground almonds, cranberries and satsumas. Due to it been all fresh I only need a small amount to rub all over my face and then leave it a couple of seconds off before I wash it off in the shower. It is a shame this is a limited addition and because its Lush and so fresh you have to throw this away after 3 months. You can freeze them so that they last longer, however, this is not something I have tried yet let me know if you have tried this and how it works. I have another tub of this and rhen I will be going back to let the good time roll cleanser which is also from Lush.

I have realised I have missed out a step which I only do if I am wearing makeup I remove this with the Garnier Micellar water. This is something which I find helps to remove the majority of the makeup and this even includes the waterproof mascara even the Benefit their real which people have said is so hard to get off. The reason I have this really small bottle is because I have this at my boyfriend’s but I have the actual full size at home. This is a product which I really adore but I have a feeling I will be looking for something else before the end of the year as this price is slowly rising.

The final product which I am using is the Superdrug Vitamin E Night moisturiser.  I use this morning and night at the moment the reason behind this is due to my skin is been so dry as a result of the weather. I need as much moister as I can get into my skin.  This will be changing again in the summer months because I will want to add more SPF into my routine because currently, I do not have any in which does slightly worry me as I know that the rays are still about even when it is a dull Yorkshire day.

What is in your skin care routine for winter?

Charlotte x

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