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I planned on actually doing project polish with these colours last year however this was something which never ended up happening. I think I had already given up after one month which really disappointed me because I need to get some use out these colours because I have an every growing collection everyone has to use up old ones in order to purchase more right? I am guilty of buying the same shade twice and also purchasing it using it once and not using the colour again for a really long time.  So it will come to you as not surprise that I have never actually finished a nail polish.

I have chosen 12 different nail colours which I want to use this year I will say this now if I managed to finish up a shade I will actually be replacing it with another one from my collection so I can see how many I can actually finish this year. Even if it does mean just using up the majority of a colour.

The first shade I actually have is Himalayan Blue from Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Range.This is a colour which I have used a lot actually which is shock. This is one which I would say you only need a couple of coats for it to look like it does in the swatch as you can tell or may be able to from my line I have used around half of this polish I would say. The reason behind this is the bottom is actually solid glass so it does finish higher up than it looks. This is a formulae for me which does not seem to dry or I would have used more of it so this is going to be one which only gets used when I do not have a need to use my nails for a while.

The next shade which I am going to try and use up is the Maybelline Color show in Peach Smoothithis is the only one of the Maybelline which I am not a massive fan of as it seems watery.
. I think I have only used this polish once but this is one which I can see me using on my toes so that I use it up or make a dent in this because it is one which I would avoid putting on my fingers. This is one which I would not use if it was not for this polish so this is why I choose this one. I may change my mind on this product as time goes on it does actually look so beautiful I really need to use it more.

Another polish which is from Maybelline again it is in the Colour show in Speeding Light. This is one which I managed to use so much of when I did this challenge for a month last year. I think I have used around 1/4 of the polish. This is one which I adore so much and I feel like it is perfect for all year round so it will be on my nails so much and I am sure you may see a ton of progress over the space of the year. I do not have a shade like this in my collection either well I can not think of one.

I  have chosen the MUA Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream this is a small bottle, however, there is just over half of the bottle left. The reason why I have chosen this is due to it been a dupe for Essie Mint Candy Apple which I already have in my collection so I can afford to use this polish up. This is the polish which I expect to be gone in the first couple of months I have already had to put some nail polish thinner in so that I can use the rest of it up and stop it going gloopy. This is one which I want to use so much this upcoming spring as I feel this is when I am going to get the most use out of it. 
I have decided that I am going to have a shade which I love which is Model’s Own Pukka Purple I stuck a cotton bud in to try and guess where this is up to. I have come to the conclusion that I am around 1/4 through this bottle and it one of my favourite and models own do have a lot more polish in a bottle than any other brand. This is one which I can see lingering for a long time but this will not bother me I am sure I can do loads of looks with it. This is a matte shade as well but this does not stop me making it glossy with the use of a topcoat. 
Seen as I really love the Maybelline formula normally I have decided to add another shade into this project. This one is Cool Blue I have been using this a lot through the year and now I would say I have used between 1/4 and 1/2 of this product. This is one I have been known to use when I am doing dotted nails or when using glitter. I do not think that it will take all year for me to use it because of the fact that I love it so much hopefully it will be finished before the end of summer. 
The next polish which I choose is a Ruby and Millie polish however I do not know the shade name this is a dark purple/black shade. I have made a mark on this polish but you can’t see it due to how dark the polish is. I don’t really like this shade too much this is the reason why I am trying to use it up I think around a third of the polish is gone. I would love to finish it so that it is out of my collection I do not even remember purchasing this and I know that they are no longer a brand or I have not seen them for a super long time. I feel like I am more likely to use this before spring and then again when it becomes autumn and winter so I want to make a lot of progress on this before I put it away for the summer. 
The next shade I picked is one which I am not too keen on to try and get some which I don’t like too much out of my collection. This is one of those it is a bluey grey shade which I just don’t love this shade is the Model’s Own in Blueberry MuffinAs you can see I have hardly used any of the polish because of not liking it so hopefully I can get half way through this I will be happy because other wise it is on which I would have avoided and used something else if I had my whole collection. I am thinking I may come around to this shade or find a way that I can incoprate this into a nail art look and use a lot doing this.
Can you tell that I love these Maybelline polishes yet? This is yet another one this is the one in Urban Turquoise. I have used about a third of this maybe a little bit more than this. I really don’t know what happened when I took a picture of this but the line seems all strange. This is a shade which is beautiful at any time of year so this is why I have added this to the project because I think I can make a huge dent in it if I don’t completely use it up. This is one which in my head secretly I really want to finish I am sure I can do it if I work hard on it. 
I promise that this is the last of the Maybelline polishes now and this one is the one which I would without a doubt say has the most progress on and it is Pink Bikini. I have a feeling from the mark which I got that I am around half way if not more through this polish.  This is one which you would think would be on of the first to go however, it seems to be a shade which I only reach for in the warmer months so we may be waiting a few months until it is completed. This is for sure one which I will be really annoyed if I do not complete this year. 
Oops I may have told a slight lie when I said the last one was the last Maybelline I really do promise that this one is.  This is one I fell in love with Last Christmas I feel like I used it for a while and then lost it completely. This means that I did not make amazing progress on it as it was missing for nearly a whole year, I am just above the label and I only seem to reach for this polish in autumn and winter so I may not complete it all but at least I will have a huge dent in it as I try and use it completely. 
Finally glitter is something else which I rarely use for some reason even though I seem to owe a lot of glitter polishes so I decided to add one to this project. The one I have is the Barry M in Rose Quartz GlitterAs you can see from this picture this polish is just a little bit below the ridge. I aim to use half of this polish instead of the whole bottle due to the fact that it is a glitter, however, if I do get more used it will be a bonus. 
Have you ever used a nail polish?
Charlotte x

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