Living Arrow #3 – Final Week Of Freedom

I really can’t believe that my Christmas holiday’s have finally come to an end tomorrows sees me back at university since the 9th December which seems like forever I have only been back three times since then for exams and a course. This weekend has felt like the last week of freedom and we have had a busy week of decluttering but also we have had so much fun been together all week.

This picture sums up our week very very cheeky with lots of climbing and playing with toys, We have managed to play with a lot of the toys which she was lucky to recieve for Christmas because she went away quickly after it means she has hardly played with them. This meant she had nearly forgot about them so was so super excited to play with them again. We even took some of her old toys to the charity shop which she has outgrown and saved some like this rubber ring for if there ever is baby number 2.

If you have not realised by now Jess really loves to have her picture taken so when she decided that she would try her Grandad’s hat on she had to adjust it so that she looked her best for when a photograph was taken. I love that it is so easy to get photographs of Jess because it is going to be a lot easier with look back that the changes and all the progress she has made this year. I love how this shows her cheeky streak which she currently has going on.

The final picture I am going to share with you this week is one which was only taken because it is a momentous occasion. This was Jess having her very first subway this is a place which I like to eat at if looking for a quick healthy lunch. As you may noticed yes Jess does open her sandwich up and eat the contents then the bread. I can’t believe that she is now old enough to have one where has my little girl gone can you please bring her back I don’t like having a grown toddler. This week marked her turning 16 months which is crazy when it doesn’t seem long since she was born.

What have you been up to this week?

Charlotte x

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