2017 Blogging Goals

I have decided that 2017 is the year which I am going to be consistent on my blog. I was doing blogmas however, life got very manic for me there have been some amazing highs this month and I am glad that so many of you have stuck around with me even though I have not been an amazing blogger.

I am one of those people who love to set goals it gives me something to I don’t want to set my goals way above what I’ll ever reach I want them to be realistic and ones which I can reach. 


Currently 998
I really need to start taking part in more of the chats again because this is the way I met so many of my amazing friends. I also feel like it does feel as lonely blogging when you are part of a community. Who knows if I will be able to double and more my following in a year. 

I really want to start posting more on my Instagram at the moment I can see my following going up but there are a lot of people who are playing to follow unfollow game which is really annoying. This year I have gone from around 100 followers to this so I think this is actually possible. 

Currently :180
I really want this to grow my blog a little bit even though I know not many people are currently using bloglovin this is something which I have seen my following slowly grow on this year. I would love it to see more of you following my small section of the internet. 

I really don’t use my facebook page very much however, 2017 is going to be the year this changes I have seen so many people state that they get some grteat interaction from people on there that I now want a piece of the action as well.  I am setting my goal small because I really don’t know how long this one will last.

There are also some things which I would love to do which are not follower related 

I would love to get Pinterest for my blog and really get it going this is one of the elements of social media which I do not use and this is something I really want to change. I have heard that they can bring a lot of traffic to your blog which is something which I would like to experience as well. 

Improve my photography this is an area which I know I really lack in and over the Christmas period have done something about. Currently, I can not justify having a new camera even though I really would love a Cannon G7X but I feel like this is something which I may invest in during the summer months if I am still enjoying blogging as much as I am now.  I now have better lighting and a new background which I will be hopefully using props with so that my background as not as boring any longer.

Continue blogging not just parenting but also add elements of beauty and lifestyle because this is something which I am so passionate about and really enjoy and after all my blog is a reflection of my life. 

What are you goals for 2017?

Charlotte x
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17 thoughts on “2017 Blogging Goals

  1. These are all really good goals and they sound really achievable, I'm sure you'll smash them! My goals are sort of similiar I'm really going to work on my photography this year too x

  2. Great goals hun! I deleted my Facebook page as I didn't find it beneficial at all more of a nuisance haha.
    I really want to join in on the Twitter chats too, but always feel nervous and chicken out last minute!! xxxxx


  3. Great goals, I love seeing the numbers people put up and what their goals are for them – why should these things be secret when we can all help out with encouraging them! Good luck with them all, especially Facebook, I'm yet to take the plunge on that! Hayley ps. went for this one as I'd already commented on your Living Arrows post!

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