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Today I am going to share with you a number of products which I purchased when I went to Selfridges in Birmingham. I decided that I really needed to treat myself to some new makeup as some of mines are running out or I just fancied a change. Who knows these products may give you some inspiration on what to add to your Christmas list. I apologise that I have taken everything nearly out of the boxes this was so that I could carry it home as I had very limited space due to getting loads of items for Jess as well.

The first item which I purchased is a really boring one it a pump for sheer glow I purchased mine and they had no pumps available at the time so I kept saying I would order one online however it meant that the postage was more expensive than the actual item so I never got around to it. So will I was near a NARS counter I decided to pick it up so I don’t use as much sheer glow every time I use it. I think this was around £3.50 which annoys me because I feel like you pay enough for the foundation it should come with a pump.

For a while I have had my eye on the Creamy Radiant concealer however, I was unsure what shade I would be I could guess but I didn’t want to spend £18.50 to have got it wrong. This was the reason I actually went to NARS I got the shade 2 Vanilla after I asked the really nice sales assistant if she could colour match me and this is what we decided. In truth, this was the shade which I was going to order online anyway at least in the future if I like the product I can do this.

I also decided that I could do with a higher end foundation for when knew that I was going to have foundation on all day. This lead me to purchasing all day weightless foundation because I have read so many amazing reviews on it and I love sheer glow I though thought why not go ahead and try it. I had it on all day and loved it even though I cried a fair few times the foundation still looked amazing minus the tear lines. This is one which I am going to be testing when I know I have things which are going to require me to look nice all day for example when I go working in the summer I feel like this is going to be a good time to use this foundation not that I will not use it before then. I am the shade Deauville for anyone who is interested and I feel like this foundation is £32.50.

Primer is a stage which I seem to neglect and now due to the cold snap my skin as has become super dry so this is a stage which I really need to add back in. The reason behind this is because of the fact that it gives an even smooth base to apply foundation so it looks a lot better. I actually also had this applied when I got my base done and this is what made me bite the bullet and purchase it. I love the way it made my foundation feel so smooth and more hydrated. I can not remember how much this was however in my opinion at the moment it is worth every penny which I paid it is something which I will be getting plenty of wear out of all year long as well due it having SPF 30.

Due to the fact I was feeling super spendy that day, I even purchase the power which is a massive thing for me because usually, I use a drugstore one like the Rimmel Stay Matte but I decided that I was going to have a matching powder because in theory in my head it should make everything say a little bit longer. I am unsure if it actually does or this is something which I just have in my head at the moment. I have this in the shade, Eden, I am interested to see how long this powder actually lasts me.

While waiting for the sales assistant to be free I noticed the satin lip pencils at this time of year I am a sucker for darker plummy kind of lips. For some reason they just scream Christmas/ Winter to me and I swatched the shade Palais Royal and that was it I knew I had to have it. This may be my Christmas shade the one which I don’t stop wearing for months who knows but is so easy to wear and I am loving it.

I would think a lot of this is going to be used over the festive period but you will have to see in a post coming closer to Christmas if I am correct.

What have you purchased from NARS recently leave me recommendations of what else I might need to try from the brand?

Charlotte x

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