Getting Organised For 2017

Hi Guys

Today I thought I would share with you the planner which I have been using to keep myself organised during this term at university. I know many of you love stationary and most get a new diary around this time of year.  I would be should I not have an academic one however when I was looking for one in the summer I couldn’t find one I liked. Then I discovered personal planner which allowed you to customise your own planner so I thought I would share mine with you. I have only shown blank pages so that you don’t find out any information which is personal.

I decided that I was going to use one of there already designed front covers due to the fact I liked the chalkboard effect and how it looked I also liked the quote which was on the front. The only change I made was to add my name to it so that people know who it belongs to should it go missing for some reason. I also chose the black string to go around my planner as I feel like this so something which goes with the theme which I was going for however you can have a range of strings and design your own cover if you want to.

Inside on the first page, you could have anything such as your contact details however I decided that I was going to go with some quotes because of the fact I wanted to remain motivated and remind me that I can do things even when the going is tough. This is something I knew would happen with a young daughter commuting and second-year university work. I had to keep myself organised as well otherwise  everything would go to pot and I would end up failing and a very stressed mummy.

In the actual planner, I decided that I was going to go with a horizontal box design the reason for this is some days I have so much to write in and I need as much space as I can get. I actually write the readings I need to complete as well as assignments and events such as lectures which I have to attend even with all this space I have found some days I am still struggling for space. In these boxes, you can also add birthdays and how old the person is this can be done on the website and printed into your planner which is a good idea for people like me who don’t ever remember how old people I never remember if it is a big birthday or not and sometimes forget the date

 The next thing after all of this week pages is the month overview calendar and this is so handy as I can  write down when my assignment was due and then if people as me I can come out to an event or something I can look and base it around this. It also helps me write down events which are a long time ahead as sometimes I find out about things months in advance and if I don’t write them down I know I will forget them. I have the month overviews for the whole of 16 and 17 so I can write things down for after this planner will end. I have been known to write down when my library books are due back and things like this as well so I don’t end up paying late fees

The final section of this planner is where you get to choose the type of paper which you have at the end for me I choose to have the lined paper as I knew this was going to be something which I would be able to use to make lists. You can choose from a range of different types of paper for example squared, plain and even colouring pages. I have used this to make notes and also a to do list I find satisfactions of ticking things I need to do off my list.
I have a blogging planner as well which is on its way so if this is something you would be interested in seeing let me know and this is something which I can do for you. I am detemined that 2017 is the year of organisation for me at least

Charlotte x

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