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When I was in hospital with Jess I used cotton wool and water when she had her nappy changed however, this soon changed when she came home and used baby wipes we have used a range of different brands so expensive and some budget ones. Jess does not have sensitive skin so this has allowed us to do this we have not found the ones which our favourites yet.

Back in September time one of my lovely blogger friends Emily told me to contact WaterWipes as they were working with bloggers. These wipes are like nothing we have tried previously they are 99.9% water which means that they are super wet which is great when you have a baby like Jess would can have food around her mouth and can be hard to remove with baby wipes. These do the job no problem and even remove dirty bums so quickly without the need to use multiple wipes like other brands sometime do.

These wipes are going to be something which we will keep an eye out for in the future because they are so good even my mum agrees with me and she has used plenty of baby wipes in her time. These would be amazing for babies with sensitive skin I have even used them occasionally to remove makeup off my own face.

12 pack of these can be purchased on Amazon for as little as £18 which makes them only slightly more expensive than likes of Huggies and Johnsons. These may become a staple in our changing bag now more so as Jess gets into more mess as she explores.

Have you tried WaterWipes if so what do you think?

Charlotte x

We were kindly gifted these wipes however, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. YES! Waterwipes are our favourite! Both babies had sensitive skin and these were the only ones that didn't cause nappy rash. I love the fact that it's all natural as well x

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