Use 6 by Christmas- Update 1

Hi Guys

Today I decided that I am going to share an update on how I am getting on use up challenge. As you may have seen I am trying to use to these 6 products above before Christmas due to the fact I know I will be receiving some amazing bits around the festive period. I am amazed by the difference that I have made on some of the products however I am disappointed about some of them but there is always time to change this. I hope to do another update around the start of December and then the finale. If you have not seen my starting point please do so you can see how much progress I have made the post is here.

I the first update I was right up at the top of the writing which said the body shop.On this Love etc perfume. As you can see now I am right down to the writing at the bottom.  I am amazed how much of this product I have used because it is not my favourite scent but it is one which is going down fast. I am sure if I make as much progress as I have been doing this product will be gone before the next update. I apologise for the quality this picture because this perfume did not want to play ball.

The second product I want to update you on is the Body shop lip balm in Cranberry. This is a product that I do not think I have used more than twice which is really bad if I want to start seeing progress on this I need to use it more. I am going to start using this on a night due to the fact that I can feel my lips drying out however I do not like the feeling on my lips but if I am asleep this should not bother me at all. My target for the next update is to start using this product more than a handful of times.

The next product that I am trying to use up is the John Freida bleach blonde shampoo. This is a product which I have found out I actually do like during trying to use this up in the project. I have relised if I use this product it means I only have to wash my hair once a week. However the downside to this means that I am not using as much product when I started this project the product was half way up the b in bleach. As you can see it has only been a small amount gone but I am semi confident this can be used up before Christmas. My hair will be getting wet and dry all the time now the weather has changed so this may mean getting more used.
This is the Lush salted coconut hand and body scrub. This is one of the products which I like but the smell of playdough means that I do not use it as much as I should. I try and scrub my body once a week and made sure that this is the only one which I use. In the first update I would say I had around 75% left and now I would guess that there is around 50% this is some progress which I am proud of, If I can maintain this progress I should be able to use this product up before Christmas.  This for sure is not a product that I will be repurchasing I can not wait to get back to my Lush ocean salt which is my holy grail product at the moment. 
This is the Lush mask of magnanimity this is one of my favourite facemask however I have not managed to use much of this product I think that I have only used this a couple of times. This means that I have not used that much of the product. I still think that I am around half way down this my skin keeps breaking out so I think this is a product which I should be heading for and seeing if this improves as well as helps use this product up. 
The final item is the Lush let the good time roll cleanser as you can see I have made a significant amount of progress on this item.I had only used it a handful of times before putting it in this project. As you can see now I have hardly any of this product left. I decided to put this in my bathroom and used it every morning when I had a shower this has meant that I have been using the product up. This is something which I am proud about and I think that there is no doubt about it this product will be gone before the next update.
Do you have any ideas how I could use some of these products up in order to have more progress?
Charlotte x

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