September/October Baby Girl Clothing Haul

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I have decided that I am going to share with you what clothing I purchased Jess in the month of September/October. I have a Instagram store.  Next because they had a sale as well which always helps because we love purchasing bargains for her one reason because it saves money and another reason it makes it possible to wear this adoreable clothes for nursery so she looks adorable. I realised I also have some bits from Ebay as well due to the fact I wanted most of this for nursery as it is where she spends a lot of her time.

The first item I purchased for Jess is one of three items from Babydeeandme which if you click on their name it will take you to their etsy store. This is a lovely white tshirt which says I wish it was a little bit taller on it. I adore this because it is beautiful and the fact that Jess is not that tall well she is long but clothes wise she is still in to 6/9 months when she is a year old. I think she wishes she could be a bit taller because of the fact she would be the same size as her friends at nursery and she wants to be a bigger girl you can tell.  This will look amazing with leggings I can just see her now don’t worry when she wears this she will be taking lots of selfies and posting them on instagram. This was around £11 however I believe this one has been discounted now however they have some amazing ones still for sale.

The next item from babydeeandme is this black you can’t catch me top which is true now Jess has found her feet it can be hard to catch her, She will either be shuffling away on her bum like she does or she will be trying to walk away from me. So this really fits her little personality and the fact that it is black and it is not a colour you see much baby clothing in really drew me to it. Again this was around the £11 mark however this one is still available so if you should want to purchase it for your little on you can.

The final item from this amazing company is this no money no problem tshirt which sums Jess up to a tee pardon the pun. She loves to try and play with money if she can not that she doesn’t have enough of her own she is always playing with coins. If you let her she would also play with notes. So when I saw this one I had to purchase it as well this is something you will be seeing her wearing with leggings in the coming months. All of the t-shirts which I purchased are in 6-12 months and these should be lasting her a while. I will purchase from this amazing company again when their autumn winter range comes out which will not be in very long.

The first item I purchased her from Ebay as you can see from the tag is from H&M it is this lovely green and white polka dot polo shirt material dress. This is something I don’t think I have ever seen before the style of this I mean maybe I just have not been looking in the right place I feel like this would look amazing with some tights and would be a comfortable but stylish outfit. I think I only paid about £3 including delivery for this so it was a nice bargain

The next few item I have to show came in a bundle which I purchased also of ebay because I wanted some tops which could be used for nursery and I did not mind if they got slightly ruined from paint and other things which they do at nursery. This whole bundle only cost me around £5 posted which is around the price I wanted to pay. This top as you can see is white with a huge cat’s face which say meow well Jess went through a state were she was obsessed with cats so this is perfect and the fact that this top is from Next is also a bonus as we know it is good quality.

The next top is also from Next and it is just a plain lemon top which will come in handy for putting under jumpers when the weather turns a little bit colder as well as just as it seems to be doing at the moment so I am very glad I we have this ready for when we need it also it is a top which we do not mind if it gets very messy when doing some messy play.

I love to dance top how could I have left this on ebay due to the fact that Jess does love dancing if you play a small amount of music you will find her bopping away to the beat because she is a little diva. This is a top which we are going to team with some leggings and socks and will be used at nursery or when we are having chilling days art home.

This item is one of my favoruite which we purchased from Ebay and it’s from H&M it says that I am the boss of everything. This is also another true statement because if you know Jess she does think that she is the boss of everything, We let her think that she is but secretly let me tell you she is not. These tshirts from H&M seem to wear amazingly they was so well and never seem to age. This is something which she will be wearing with leggings which is her basic look because it is so easy to wear for nursery

.Another top which we purchased from H&M via ebay is this white tshirt which looks like it has a waistcoat on however it is just a picture of one. This top I will admit I only purchased due to the fact that it was in a bundle which I wanted it is not my favourite top by any means. This means I doubt that I will put it on Jess when I am going to see her a lot so it may just end up becoming one which becomes a change of clothes at nursery.

The final items which I have to show you are pieces which I picked up in the Next sale which was an age ago now. This dress is an amazing summer piece as it is in them pastel colours as well as having a beach theme on the dress however due to the fact that it comes with this beautiful pink cardigan. I feel like this looks like an amazing occasion piece I have a feeling that we may have some meals out and some days were we have to go and visit family before the Christmas period and this would look beautiful with some lightly coloured tights. As you can see this should have been £19 and I have picked it up for a bargain price of £7.

A knitted jumper dress is something which I think is going to be perfect due to the fact that it has started to get a lot colder. This is something which we would team with some tights as well this is something which I can see her wearing on a weekend due to the fact that it looks so smart and warm it would be perfect for when we go on a family walk or something and she is in her pram. I love how this has autumn items wildlife on the bottom. As you may be able to see this item should have been £15 however I picked it up for  £7.

Another item which we picked up in the Next sale was this pink and brown dress this is something which I do not feel like is too summery as you could put tights and a cardigan on and it would be perfect for this time of year. This was something I was not convinced if I liked but when I showed my mum and boyfriend they both liked it so this is something which Jess will be rocking when she gets into her 9-12 wardrobe which I feel like is going to be in the next couple of weeks finally because it seems like she has taken ages to get into this size she loves just been a petite girl but I wouldn’t change her for the world.

Another bargin which I purchased from Next was these plain tshirts which should have been £10 however were just £5 for 4 tshirts. This means that she can wear them for nursery and not mind if she gets them messy while using paint or eating. These may look amazing with something I am debating purchasing her for closer to Christmas which is a beautiful homemade pinafore dress which is for sure something I will be sharing on instagram if I do happen to purchase her it. These are so versatile tshirts and she will be getting a lot of use out of them in the next few months I know that for sure.

The next item you may have seen on social media due to the fact that Jess needed some leggings in her current size I picked these as they are a pack of two one which are just normal blue which is easy to pair with things. In this bundle these huge floral leggings which are great due to the fact that Jess wears so many plain tops. I love to put her in some patterned things either leggings or a top. These of course was another bargain because of the fact that were £3 I am used to paying more than this for just one pair. She has had a lot of wear out of them which is something which I am glad about.

The final item I purchased was pair of leggings which are very blue which will go with some amazing with the other items which I have showed you. These should have been £2.50 but we got them for a £1.50 so these will be coming to cover them chunky muscley legs of Jess very very soon, She adores leggings so I am sure that these will be something which she will get a lot of wear out.

Were are you favourite shops for girls clothes because I need to some more for Jess’s 9-12 wardrobe because it will hopefully last her the next 3/4 months.


2 thoughts on “September/October Baby Girl Clothing Haul

  1. Amazing haul! I especially love the "I'm The Boss of Everything" top! And the "Catch Me" one. Need that one for my youngest – such a wriggler especially when it comes to nappy changes! x

  2. I know the feeling Jess will not stay still for longer than about 5 seconds at the moment so these were perfect for her nappy changes are something of a work of art sometimes you need two people


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