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Hi Guys

Recently we were contacted by the lovely people at Sassybloom. For those who do not know Sassybloom is a subscription service which is personalised to your baby’s age, development and gender from your third trimester to their 3rd birthday. You can do a one off boxes as we;;.  A one off box is £40 for 3 months it is £29.95 per month. Each box has a RRP of at least £40.

So here is what we received in Jess’s box you personalise it by there date of birth so below is what we received.

The first item we received which was on top of our box because of it’s size. It is this beautiful butterfly munchkin lunch bag in a butterfly shape. This will be perfect for us because we do like to have picnic’s when we have days out and this gives Jess something cute to be able to put her lunch. This is something that mummy can’t wait to use alone Jess.
The next item we have is a Mada push and pull along elephant this is going to be amazing for us due to the fact that Jess has just started walking and always is wanting to take us on a walk. Instead of us been taking for a walk she will be able to take this elephant for a walk. This is made of wood so this means it will not smash should it hit the floor incorrectly. 

The next item we have is this really cute book which is called sleep tight teddy and you put your index finger in the puppet which is attached to the box so you can read through the story with the cute Teddy which you are saying night night to. Jess really loves board books which this is. She just sits down on the floor and gets a book and tries to read it sometimes the book is upside down but it is really cute when she does this.

This is the Melissa and Doug peek-a-boo playbarn this is an idea which I can imagine Jess sitting down and playing with for a long time due to the fact that peek a boo is one of her favourite games, You lift the flaps up and down to see the animals and hide from them. I really can not wait to see how she reacts with this toy when I give it to her. 
Another book well this is perfect for my little girl this is panadamonium which looks like an awesome book that good that as soon as Jess saw it she took it and went to read it so I can not tell you what it is about yet. I am sure that one night I will get to read this to my princess before she goes up to bed. 
I remember having one of these myself this is a musical tv which you wind up the tv and then it plays music as well as the picture moving which is amazing. I think that it is something which Jess will be amazed by due to the fact that she will not have seen like this. I have not seen one of these for a long time. I feel like this is something which we are going to be playing with for a long time. 
As you can see you get plenty for your money from this box, It would make a great christmas present if you do not know what to get someone more so if they are between the ages of 0 and 3 years old. This is something which I will be getting Jess again in the future this is something which we may do around Easter time and Summer time when we will be spending a lot of time at home. 
The lovely people at Sassybloom have give me a link which will give you £10 off your first box the link is here 
Would you think about purchasing a Sassybloom box?
sassybloom have given me a discount in order to produce this review

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