November Goals

Hi Guys

I have a confession to make I did a post about a month a goal which was my October goals. I have to admit now I failed at them some I managed to get closer to which makes me happy. However I managed to neglect my blog for the whole month of October as well as a lot of my social media. This is due to the fact that University started to get busier for me and I have not had as much time to dedicate over here. I have had some amazing opportunities which I will be sharing with you none which would have been possible without you guys.

On to my November Goals:

Take more photographs– Make sure that I take at least a couple a week because I really do love documenting how much Jess has changed personal not just for my blog also it will help me have some Instagram content

Post more often- I want to get back to posting 3 times a week this is also depends on how much work I have to do from Uni but hopefully I can get scheduling which means that you will have new content going up.

Be more active on social media-  I want to talk to you people more because I feel like this is something which I have not done recently and I hope to take part in more chats which will mean that I can expand and meet even more people

Watch a film a week- I love watching films but I rarely do anymore and they are something which I love. I might have to start watching them on a night as they help me relax even if I don’t watch it all in a night I can watch it over a couple of nights and I will class this as a success. I might even post some reviews on here if I manage to do this.

Make sure have me time– I really need to make sure that I am not constantly doing work commuting or sleeping because this seems to be all I am doing at them moment. I really need to give myself sometime to me. The reason behind this is if I am not careful I am going to make myself poorly for been too ran down so maybe if I aim to give myself just one bath a week as a bit of relaxing. I want to see if this helps me.

What are your November goals

Charlotte x

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