November Flamingo Candle Scent Box- First Impressions

Hi Guys

Today I have another subscription box but this one is for the parents. This is one from Flamingo Candle which is where you get 8 wax tart melts every month for only £9.99 which is such a bargain including the postage as well as getting 20% for been a member of there scent box. Without any further a do I will share my first impressions with this months box

The first tart I put my hands on this month was the Hot Fudge which to me smells very sweet however I feel like it is not something which is too sweet for me as some of them can be. This is something which I can imagine burning when I come home from uni and it is cold and this will warm my house up and make it smell amazing.

Rhubarb and Pear is one which I really adore out of this box and I think it could be one of my favourites to me I can smell the rhubarb. It makes me think of the crumbles which people bake this is something which is very warming and brings back so many memories of my mums rhubarb crumbles.

The next one is one which I will admit I am not a massive fan of and it is popcorn. I think this is due to the fact that it is a little bit too sweet for me however sometimes you have to burn them then make an opinion on them. I am hoping that this is going to be one which surprises me and becomes one which I actually like. I will let you know when I am burning it my opinion.

Chai Tea Latte was the next one which I found in the box now I will admit I really don’t know what a Chai tea latte smells like. So this is going to be one which I am going to have to burn in order to be able to decide if I like it or not however this is not something which offended me straight away when I gave it a sniff.

Black Raspberry and Vanilla is one of those which if I had to choose a favouite out of the whole box it would be this one it smells amazing. I really get the scent of raspberry first then a slight hint of vanilla this is going to be one which I will be burning as soon as I can and have a tart burner free to do this hopefully this is not going to be very long.

The next one which I found in the box was Banana pancakes this is one which I would never have purchased because banana is not one of my favouite. This smells really a lot of banana as the name suggests however hopefully when I go to burn this it is not going to be overpowering and I can stand to burn it. I guess time will tell.

Strawberry and geranium this is one which is an usually scent for me due to the fact that it is floral as well as been fruity however I get more of the floral scents which is something I actually like. This is one which is growing on me the more time time I smell it. This is not one which I would have purchased however it is one which is welcomed in this house hold.

The final tart which I received in this cranberry, orange and cinnamon this is one which I would have purchased myself because it smells like christmas in a candle to me. The reason I think this is due to the fact that it has scents which I think of when I think of christmas. This is one which I can not wait to burn very soon before it becomes past christmas.

Which one of these is your favourite from this box

Charlotte x

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