Autumn Lush Haul

Hi Guys

Today I have a small lush haul for you. I will admit I have not got any of the Christmas products in this haul the reason behind this is because I went with my boyfriend we had a limited amount of time and I did not want to get loads to carry. They will be a Christmas haul as I am going to order them online however this may not be for another few weeks yet.

The first item I picked up is technically a Halloween product but it is staying till Christmas and this is Autumn Leaf. The reason behind me purchasing this bath bomb was the fact that I have seen this on Instagram and it makes an amazing specticle in the water. This is a huge bath bomb and its full of different colours the scent I can not put my finger on it all I can smell is curry which makes me think that it has a lot of cardamon in. This is going to be one when I want to feel truely autumnal

This bath bomb is Monster ball this is one of three which I actually purchased. This was a halloween bath bomb however at the time of writing this post there are still some available online and they may be in some of your local shops. Monster ball smells like sour gummy worms to me it is is Calacas scented and this is one of my faviourite Lush scents. I have not seen what this is like in the water however I can not wait to use it. 
The final bath bomb I have is butterbear and this one is for Jess. The reason behind purchasing one for Jess is due to the fact that she loves having a bath and her skin is getting a bit dry and this is so moisturising. I picked this up as a treat for her she does not always use lush bath bomb just so you know, This is one of the cheapest bath bombs lush do and it is around £2 I feel
The final item I purchased is this lip scrub which is in sugar plum fairy. Natually with a name like that the product is from the Christmas range, I love Lush lip scrubs as they manage to get rid of all of the dead skin which builds up on your lips and gives them a very exfoliation. This is the comforter scent which smells like blackcurrant so I could not resist having to purchase this item as it is my favouite regular line scent. 
What are you favourite items from the christmas range before I purchase
Charlotte x 

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