October Goals

Hi Guys
I know that this post is going up on a Saturday and I usually post on a Friday but with it been the start of the month today I wanted to put it up today so that is what I have done. Since been back at university I have found myself setting myself more goals again not just academically but also on my blog and this has made me a hell of a lot more productive well I feel I have.

September is a month that has gone so fast for me since starting back at university I really don’t know were my time goes well. I do it is either commuting, at uni or playing with Jess on a weekend because I feel guilty about not seeing her all week well not as much as I used to do.  I have decided that I really like been busy all the time but sometimes I could do with a little bit more me time. 
Anyway on to Octobers goals
  1. Reach 800 followers on Twitter- I targeted 700 for the year so now I want to see if I can get 1k before new year,
  2. Reach 375 followers on Instagram– Again I targeted 500 for the year so I really need to post more and up my game.
  3. Keep track of my spending– I don’t have as much money now I am back at uni so I need to make sure I know were my money has gone.
  4. Take more photographs – I used to always be taking them of Jess and things but I think I have only taken about 2 since her birthday a couple of weeks ago. This is something which makes me annoyed with myself
  5. Read two books for pleasure– I have found that on my commute I could either sit on my phone and run out of data in about 2 weeks. However I want to start reading again due to the fact I have hundreds of books that are on my to be read pile and I want to get it down.
I hope to be able to do one of these every month were I will update you on how I got on and set new targets, Hopefully this is something that is going to keep me motivated and focused on a working on my blog and having a bit of me time because this is something I am struggling with at the moment finding the correct balance. 
What are your goals for the month of October?
Charlotte x

2 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. I am always setting my self targets and I feel so much happier when I reach them. Unfortunate I still have not been able to read as many books as I would like this may change I guess in the future


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