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I know some of you may be cringing at the title because I have mentioned that dreaded C word. I am sorry about that but there is a reason for that and let me explain that one to you. I have decided that I know I get a number of new beauty products as gifts however I still have loads and I need to use some up before they go bad. For around a year now I have been aware of the panning community on Youtube and it is something I have always said that I was going to do however until now I have never but now seems the right time for me, So I have careful selected 6 items out of my collection that I want to use up by Christmas. I hopefully will be doing monthly updates on these products,

I first product I have selected is this Body Shop perfume in the scent Love ETC as you can see I have used just to above the writing which I would say is around half way due to the fact that there is some thick glass on the bottom before the product starts, I received this in a set a few years ago and have used a bit of it however I have a fair few perfumes right now and I decided that I really need to target one which I am going to use up so I choose this one as it has the most used out of it. I have started to use this daily if I am going out of the house in order to try and get it used up so hopefully this will work as I am out of the house usually 6 days a week. To use this up may be a challenge but I would love to make a huge dent in using it up. 

The next product is also one from the body shop and it is one of there lip balms in Cranberry this also is a year old at least due to the fact I remember picking this up in the winter months when it was cold. As you can see I have hit a small amount of pan on this but it is not worn even there is a lot of product up the sides which really needs using up. I have a fair amount of lip balms to use and due to the fact that these are in a pot I don’t take them out with me so I find it really hard to use them up. I am going to try and apply this before I go to sleep on a night and in a morning if I am not going to be wearing anything on my lips just to moisturize them from the cold weather I can imagine is coming .

I have chosen a shampoo which may seem really random to some people because you would think I would get through shampoo easy. However I picked up the wrong one and I don’t like it due to the fact it is not suited to my hair as you can see it is the John Fredia Cool Dip Bleach Blonde. If you have seen my hair you will know that is is not bleach blonde. I would say I still have about 1/4 of this left because I am only using it once a week, I am rotating it with another shampoo I don’t just wash my hair once a week. I have been using this since around the start of the year so as you can imagine I really do want this out of my collection.

Next you may think is a strange one due to the fact it is almost full yes this is true I have only used it a handful of times the maximum of around 5. The reason I have decided that I want to use up Lush’s  Salted Coconut Scrub is the fact that I am unsure if I love the product anymore and I know that Lush products are best used fresh. This product actually makes me think of playdough which is not something that I want to be using in the shower if I can help it as it is not the nicest scent. I might change my opinon on this product as time goes on and I use it more. I tend to use a scrub around twice a week once when I have a bath and the other time usually in the shower. I am unsure if I will get through it all but I want to make a huge dent.I have a fair few scrubs to use up before I can purchase my holy grail which is Ocean Salt from Lush. 

You can see a pattern emerging I am trying to use this Lush Facemask up as well it is the mask of magnanimity.  The reason I want to use this up is due to the fact I have had it open way longer than I should have an it is starting to get a bit gross on the outside maybe because I leave it in the bathroom. Around half of this product has been used up so I only have another half to go roughly as you can see. I use this around once a week when I am having a bath I really do love this product and would repurchase however I may get a smaller tub next time so it doesn’t go like this one has. I love how minty this is and how it really helps with any breakouts I have so if you have not tried it this is one which I would recommend.

The final product that I have to use up is another Lush product and it is the Let the good times roll cleanser. This smells like cake mixture to me as you can see I have not used a huge amount of this one either and if I don’t watch it will go off. I have popped this tub in my shower to motivate me to use it when I am in the shower. It isn’t really one I would repurchase because of the smell it is a bit to sweet for me when I am using it early morning however I guess I could start using it on a night instead . We will see how I feel when if I manage to use it up before Christmas
Have you ever attempted a challenge like this or want to join me let me know below in the comments.
Charlotte x

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  1. You should I really love lush products I may have haul coming up in the next few weeks. I am waiting to get my hands on some of the christmas range before I post it. Awww thank you for your kinds words lovely

    Charlotte xx

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