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I thought today I would share with you what Jess got for her 1st birthday, I will add the disclaimer now I am not bragging about what she received I am making this post for a number of reasons on is the fact that I found it hard to get inspiration what to purchase a girl for her first birthday. Another reason is due to the fact that I know these posts are popular which means that people must actually like to read them and the final reason is due to the fact it is something that Jess will be able to look back to in the future and see what she received.

I will admit I do not have photographs of everything which she did receive due to the the fact that some of them are were left at Daddy’s house down south so that she has somethings to play with when she is down there so I am going to start with them items before I forget about them. From her Auntie and Uncle she received a lovely little doll which is something I can see Jess playing with a lot in the future when she discovers dolls because they are not something which has played with so far unless she has been at nursery. Grandma and Granddad purchased her a xylophone a toy one which people had more fun on than Jess but this is defiantly something which she will grow into and one day we will never get her off it because that girl loves to make noise. Joe’s side of the family is small this is why it might seem that they didn’t purchase her much but really it is due to the fact that there is not many of them. The only other present which she received from his side of the family was money from Great Nan which I have put into her savings account so she can have it in the future when there is something she would like to purchase. She also received some money from a family friend which is something that I have added to her money box so she could have it if she needs it without having to go to her building society.

From my best friend Jess received this huge pink rabbit cuddly toy which would have gone in her cot if she did not insist on sleeping with captain america but who could say no to him. However I think I am now going to put this on top of her wardrobe so that it can look down on her while she sleeps but at the moment she does keep getting it out of the toy box and cuddling it which is super cute. She really does like cuddly toys at the moment and I have no idea why maybe its because they give her cuddles when mummy will not because she is busy. My friend also purchased Jess a Lush bath bomb which is her first it is lil baby bot which is so cute and smells of baby powder which is always a winner because mummy loves Lush and Jess loves baths so it seems like this is a present made in heaven for us.

Jess got a pair of jeggings and a lovely white blouse which I have forgot to photograph due to the fact that I have already put it in her wardrobe due to the fact that it is in size 12/18 months and at the moment Jess is only in 6/9 month clothes so it is not going to fit her for a long while. However it is a beautiful little outfit which will look amazing when she actually fits into it which may be around March time I guess only time will tell me this.

One of the other aunties and uncles I have Jess received this lovely cuddly toy as you can see it is 3 different animals merged into one it is a lion,tiger and lemur. I can not remember which company this is made by due to someone throwing the packaging away however I know there are around another 6 to collect. The head is attached by velcro to the body and same with the body and the bottom half this means if you collected them all you could have some really random variation of animals. This is something which I love and I am sure Jess will because it is different to everything else she has her other cuddly toys don’t lose there heads.

Yes yet another one of my aunties and uncles purchased Jess a gift I know I have a lot of aunties and uncles I am aware of this.  They purchased her this lovely activity table I had actually been debating getting her one because of the fact she loves pulling up on things now and been stood however I didn’t because of the fact I knew she was not going to be home as much as she used to be. Fortunately for Jess she received this lovely one again in the rush to get rid of the box I forgot to remember what brand it is from, This table has so much for her to do which is always good due to the fact Jess still has a short attention span it has parts which make noise parts which move and allow you to play. This toy really does make her giggle so I guess this is always a bonus I have never seen this one but it is perfect and it has a train and we all know Jess loves trains according to nursery.

Jess from my brother received a Lamaze Inchworm I love this because it makes so many different sounds due to the different sensory elements which is something which Jess loves because of the fact that she can press a different area and it will do something different. For example one part of it squeaks like a dog toy and then another sounds like a pack of crisps been rustled. I love how soft it is as well because she could use it like a cuddly toy if she wanted to and I have actually seen her use it as almost a weapon but this is something which really does not surprise me with this child.

From Grandma and Granddad she received this lovely Vtech walker which because she wants to be little miss independent and toddle off everywhere this is perfect it also helps her practice her balance so that soon she will be able to walk more than a couple of steps. On the front of the walker it also has plenty of things which Jess can do there is some parts which rotate but at the moment Jess’s favourite part seems to be her phone which comes with it she loves sit on the floor and then put the phone to her ear like she is actually on the phone it is so cute. I will try and get a photograph of this at some stage when she does it next and share it on instagram so if your not following me over there why not.

From Daddy Jess received this beautiful penguin bubble blower for the bath he also purchase her a huge packet of bubbles but this is something which I did actually forget to photograph naughty me but I am sure you know what bubbles look like. For this you put the bubble mixture in the machine and then it blows them at you while you are in the bath this is something which Jess will adore when I get it out due to the fact it is for the bath and she loves the bath and she has now started to like bubbles so it is a win win. When I went shopping with Joe it was the first time I had seen anything like this so maybe it is a new concept.

The other item which she got from Daddy was this little tikes remote control the reason behind this is due to the fact that Jess loves trying to play with the sky remote one moment you will be watching something on tv then the next minute Jess has turned over. So hopefully this present will mean that she is not going to steal the remote as much because of the fact she will have her own I don’t know if this is going to work hopefully because it is rather annoying, However we have decided we think it could be a control thing why she does it because then she thinks she has the power.

Finally we are on to what I bought Jess I decided because what I had been told that everyone would purchase her a lot of thing not to because she wouldn’t remember it so I really didn’t go crazy but this does not mean I don’t love her a lot I really do. The first item I bought for her was another Lamaze toy can you really tell I like this brand and it was the my first doll Maisie. This is a mixture of a soft toy and a doll which is amazing due to the fact that she is at the stage were she is not into dolls yet but she still in the stage were she likes cuddly toys so I am sure this is going to be something which she is going to get a lot of use out of in the future.

The other item I purchased Jess is a my first baby Annabelle doll I saw this and really could not resist it is just one of those toys which looks so amazing and brings back memories. I really want Jess to be a caring young little girl and one who is not scared of babies. So I though purchasing her one of these might help her to become like this and due to the fact that again she is going to grow into it and no doubt end up with a baby pram and everything for it in the future I thought why not start he playing with dolls now.

The final item I purchased for Jess was this Little Tikes bath toy due to the fact as I said before Jess loves the bath so it seemed like purchasing her something for that I was on to a winner. These sits in the bath and then you get the little rubber ring pieces and push them down like they are actually in a water park. This is something which I find amazing and the few times Jess has used it has seemed to really love it as well it cause her to giggle when they hit her at speed while she is in the bath. I think she will soon work out that she can tip water in the top because she hasn’t really let but I know it is only going to be a short time.

What did you purchase your one year old for their first birthday?

Charlotte xx

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