Jess at One Year

Dear Jess

I can’t believe that I have had the pleasure of been your mummy for one whole year now how lucky am I. I don’t know were that year has gone it doesn’t seem long since you was no bigger than Daddy’s forearm and now his forearm only goes up to your waist so you have nearly doubled in size since you have been born, I am so glad I have all these picture to look back on and enjoy the memories we have from the first year of your life. I am sure they are going to be something that you will enjoy looking back on too as well when you are a bigger girl.

You have got an amazing personality with a dirty laugh when you find something really funny and a cheeky giggle going on when something happens which shouldn’t like you stealing the sky remote. Everyone comments on how your such a smiley baby and seem to love everyone even strangers you want them to look at you and love entertaining them. I am sure you must brighten up so many people’s day not just mine. I dread you when you cry due to the fact that you have become such a daredevil and love trying to get into the smallest places and have no sense of fear I fear that you are actually going to hurt yourself one of these days. I am sure it is just another way of you been a bit mischievous and we can’t say your not that for sure.

You love playing with your books and toys but you also seem to love having things such as the coasters,sky remote,wires are also one of your favourite things to get. The more we tell you that you can’t have them the more you seem to want to have them. I swear you have no sense of danger money is something else you seem to love playing with at the moment is coins if I don’t have my hand out for you to give me the money you try and put it in your mouth.

You still are still bum shuffling but now have started to walk a few short steps at the moment the maximum you do is 4 however we are convinced in the next few weeks you will be off toddling about and there will be no stopping you then. You have mastered standing up holding on to things and now have decided that your a big girl and can do it without holding on sometimes it scares me fast you are growing up you are really becoming such an independent little girl.        


Your eating seems to be brilliant you have cereal,toast or fruit for breakfast in a morning depending on what we give you but you seem to love it. Then you have your morning snack at nursery of fruit which you always seem to demolish then you put away your dinner and have seconds according to your daily report and then have seconds of snacks. You only have one bottle of milk now and that is before bed you have 7oz of milk at the moment that is formula because we still have some left but you also have cow’s milk. You take your drinks from sippy cups but you seem to love to drink out of mummy’s sports bottle at the moment and think you an even bigger girl than you are. Your favourite foods at the moment seem to be sausages bread and any kind of fruit which is such as wide range but this is something I am proud about because it doesn’t look like you are going to be a fussy eater,

You are still sleeping like a really good girl and sleep from around 7.30pm till Mummy wakes up at 5.45am and I must wake you up. I know this is not ideal but you do go back to sleep on the train on the way to nursery so  that is a bonus. You have adapted very well to all these early morning we are having due to Mummy going back to university an hour away from our house. You have about an hour nap at nursery as well and then if your very sleepy after a hard day you fall asleep on the train home but usually you want to make people smile and talk to you.

Talking is something else which has really developed over the last couple of months. You now say ello which means Hello, Dada ,Mumma  and oh. These are the only phrases which you are really coming out with that the moment however I know that this will change and one day I will wish you was a quite little baby again when you start telling people things which I don’t want them to know, You have started to clap recently and look really proud of your little self when you do this I must admit that it is one of the cutest things I have ever seen when you do this.

That’s all for now Jess. I will be back at 18 months to do your next update I am sure you will be doing a lot more by then but please let time slow down.

Love you lots

Mummy xx

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