What We Did In August.


Hi Guys

You may have noticed that I have not posted since the start of August, This is due to the fact that we have has a super busy month you might have seen some of the pictures if you follow me over on Instagram my handle is @cupsofcharlotte. So before this post gets really long and rambley let’s get into it.

Right at the start of the month of August we went on our first family holiday with Daddy his parents we went to Norfolk. It is the first time that I had been on holiday with Daddy as well so it was a special time for us all. We stayed in a cottage in a really quite place called East Runton which is between Cromer and Sherringham. During the weeks holiday we went to a local shire horse sanctuary and Jess got to stroke a horse and see all the animals. We had a trip to Yarmouth we had a really nice long walk and then played on the beach this is were Jess experienced going into the North sea for the first time as you can imagine it was cold. The next day we went to Wells and has a walk I loved seeing how strange the sea is because it doesn’t come in all at the same time it comes in patches and it looks amazing on the way home Jess went swimming for the first time. However I was injured and it meant I couldn’t go in the pool but it was fine she was with Daddy and Grandad however I did manage to get some photos of her first time in the water. The next day we had to have an emergency
trip into Norwich because I dropped my Iphone and I couldn’t deal with the cracked screen and I managed to get it done that day from the Apple store. Then that night went to a really strange carnival which was in Sherringham there was a huge parade and then it has local dance schools and other class which was very good. We had walked to places for the rest of the holiday and then we went to King’s Lynn on the way home and that is were I went to Primark and that is were that haul is from that store.

We had a few chilled days after the holiday and then it was time for Mummy to go home for a few days so she could do some work. However this didn’t stop Jess and Daddy exploring some more. They made a trip up to York with Grandma because she had never been before and Daddy had left some things up there. This meant they had a lovely walk around and sent me some beautiful pictures while I was at work I might have been slightly jealous. York is such a beautiful place I really can’t wait to study there in a couple of weeks time. Then at the weekend of that week she went on another day trip to the seaside with Grandma,Granddad and Daddy they went to Skegness and walked for 12 miles which sounds so far at least Jess was in the pram however in this trip she didn’t manage to get on the actual beach.

Finally after what felt like forever I went back down to Jess after missing her crazy ways like mad. This was the start of finding out that we had a water baby. We decided that because we both were off and Jess seemed to love to swim we would take her swimming. The first time we took her when at home she spend an hour in the pool then the next time it was two hours followed by an hour bath. I swear she is turning into a fish but I am really glad that she loves been in the water because of the fact swimming is something that could save her life in the future.I think I might sent her to swimming lessons in future when she is a bit older. We made Jess visit some of the family which she doesn’t see very often like her great Nan who does all of the knitting which you may have seen on Instagram. They seem to have become friends because Jess usually cries when we go there because she falls asleep on the way and doesn’t like it when we wake her up to go in. This week we also had a trip to Melton so that Daddy could get his car wheels sprayed again and they look so much better than they did. This meant we got to go and look around the shops and play in the park while we waited for it to be done it was a good family day out and we managed not to spend too much money on Jess. I think it was one of the only shopping trips were she didn’t get something. Again this weekend Mummy had to go to work again and Daddy has a day out with his friends it meant she had to have a day with Grandma and this meant she had to go into town and then go and see some more family which I am sure she loved. At least when she got home from this it meant that did get to play in her ball pool which she loves so much well she loves throwing the balls out and watching them roll on the laminate floor.

Last week we managed a couple of chill days due to the fact that we really need one as we had started to get worn out. We had a night in a hotel in Loughborough and a look around due to the fact that we had bought Daddy a track day and he had to be there at 8am. If we had not stayed over we would have been looking at getting up at 5.30am nobody really fancied doing that. Jess enjoyed watching all the fast cars and I think she decided that we should get a car which was only £300.000 yes Jess you can keep on dreaming about that. After we had finished there and Jess had a nap because it was so hot we took a trip into Nottingham. This is were Jess got her first build a bear which is Captain America can you tell we like Marvel. He even says some words which is really cool we have put it at the bottom of her cot and due to the fact that she got it with Daddy she goes to it every morning and tries to give it a cuddle maybe she thinks she is actually giving Daddy a cuddle. This bank holiday weekend saw the end of our month with Daddy, I had to leave early on Saturday morning due to the fact that my team were playing at Wembley and after 57 years we have finally won there. Jess had a day with the family watching the rugby and then she went out for a meal with them and the extended family due to the fact that it was Grandma’s birthday that day. The Sunday saw Jess pack up the car and get driven all the way home she was really sad when she came home. I think this was due to the fact that she had spent a whole month with Daddy and now she wouldn’t see him for two weeks which is a long time in her life. Since she came home she has just had a few chilled out days and been catching up on her sleep.

I can’t believe how busy we have been this month and it shows no sign of slowing down in September. We have a special little girl’s first birthday and a wedding to attend I really don’t know were this year has gone. It doesn’t seem two moments ago since I finished university to have her and now I am going back and this really scares me redoing my second year at a new university. What do you have planned for the next month.

Charlotte x

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