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Something which I didn’t realise before having Jess is how little babies wear clothes before they actually grow out of them. I have been lucky and she has been in 3/6 months since she has been about 5 months and she has just grown out of it and she is 10 months old. Then you are stuck with the dilemma what do you do with the clothes which are all too small. 
You could save the clothes incase you have another child in the future. This is something which I have not done due to the fact that I only have clothes for a girl and should I have another child in the future I would not find out the gender till they were born. So I could have all this girl clothes and have a boy also the fact that if there is another child I would have moved house because we plan on having a family home. So storing clothes which don’t fit wouldn’t work for us however I know it really does for some people so this is an option.

I have tried selling bigger items on Facebook on local selling pages they are usually called stuff for sale and then your area name. I have sold old toys on here hen I was sorting out the room because me and my brother swapped rooms. I have almost managed to get some bargain toys off then as well such as a space saving jumperoo for £25 instead of £80. Things like baby baths and other big items can always be found on these site so keep your eye on the for both buying and selling so you have more room in your house. Beware when doing this you do get a lot of time wasters who say they will come and collect and don’t this may just be in my area I can’t comment on everywhere. You can sell clothes on these pages but to me I notice people are either fighting for the clothes or nobody is intrested and you are trying to sell them on them for a while. This is why I do not sell clothes on these sites. 
I have used eBay to sell some of Jess old clothes we do this because it is so simply and easy to use. I have sold everything from vests to outfits. Some of the items she was worn a fair amount of times but in the other hand some of them have only been worn less than a handful of times. Sometimes you don’t get s lot of money for items but every little helps either in your pocket or your little ones money box. Major sure your photographs are of good quality you have a disc tiptop which is very accurate if it is something which doesn’t have much wear left in it don’t say it’s hardly been worn. You wouldn’t like it if the shoe was on the other foot. 
Another way I have seen people sell old clothes is on Instagram. This is something which I am debating doing because I have a fair amount of followers in there. Plus the fact is that you open a second account which is the one which just becomes dedicated to selling and you list the items for the price at which you eBay to sell them and then people comment sold when they want the item. All the money is transferred through PayPal and then you okay the item to the new owner.  
I know that I have a few friends who are having babies at the moment so I am going to ask them if they would like to look through some of Jess’s clothes. The tree on why I am going to do this is because I could sell the items and not have to worry about postage fees. Gondi would make it cheaper for both parties. Plus the fact that I know that it is going to a good home and someone who needs it. Like one of my friends who doesn’t have a lot of money however is expecting twins in January. Should one of the babies be a girl which we will soon know I will ask her if she would like some of the items. 
I have also heard that should you go to some of the baby and toddler nearly new table top sales you can end up selling a lot for decent prices. However this is something which I have been unable to do due to the fact that I work on Saturdays and most of these do end up been on a Saturday. Keep your eye out to these been advertised you usually see them in shop windows and on street lights. 
Finally you could donate them to the charity shop if they are in good condition but not the best which is why you don’t want to sell them or you don’t want to deal with the hassle. This is something which I have done with bits which I have recieved second hand due to be fact of the condition that they are in. This means that another person can have a bargin by shopping in the charity shop and that the charity which I have donated it to can have some money as well which always helps. Due to the fact that most charities hardly get any government funding to run. 
How did you sell your old baby clothes or any of yours. Is it in a way I have mestioned if not please comment below I am always looking for new ways to sell. 
Charlotte x

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  1. All good ideas! I've also heard of people making keepsakes out of them (ie teddy bear with favourite clothes you can part with being cut up) or up cycling them for those who are crafty. So much I wish I could do, but I am not crazy at all!
    I mostly do the Facebook buy/sell page but agree it is hit or miss…and for clothing, you don't get much at all since everyone is looking for a huge bargain.

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