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Hi Guys

Today have decided that I am going to let you have a behind the scenes look at how I blog. I have done this because I am nosy and love knowing how other people blog and try and get some inspiration on how I could improve my own ways. I actually saw the tag on the lovely Cecile blog which is thefrenchiemummy.

1. Where do you blog?

I usually blog in my front room when Jess is having a nap however if I am not in my front room. I will be upstairs on my bed blogging this is sometimes when Jess is trying to get to sleep and I want to keep an eye on her I will take the laptop up and blog.

2. Where do you find your inspiration for your blog posts?

Usually it is thing which have occurred in mine and Jess’s lives which I blog about. Either products we have used and recommend what we have purchased or things we have actually done.Other bloggers can inspire me as well because they can give me an idea such as this one and also topics which I see other people speak about can inspire me to tell you my story and my opinions on the subject.

3. How long does it take you to write a blogpost?
This depends on the type of post I am writing if it is a longer post obviously it can take me a lot longer to write it. The ones which can take me the longest is the ones which are Jess’s updates because I have to think about what has changed in the last month. The other one which can take the longest time for me to write is the what have we done this month because again I have to recall what we have done in the month. However ones like this can take me about half an hour without pictures compared to 1 hour or longer when writing longer posts.

4. Do you plan your blog posts? How?

I semi do I make sure that my what we did that month are up at the end of the month and also Jess’s updates are up on the 15th. I usually write a fair few posts when I get the time and then this allows me to schedule then for when I need them. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to create that month and then post it when I have a space. I am already looking at ideas to post in September. I really like to work 2 weeks ahead of myself due to the fact that then if for some reason I can’t write for a few days I have content to still go up.  I plan them on my google calender but I really want to get a planner for September for when I go back to uni to use for my blog and uni work.

5. What did of Camera do you use? What editing software?

At the moment I am only using my phone because my camera I realised it in my laptop bag at Daddy’s house. I have the Iphone 6 Plus I just get Jess to pose as much as she wants and sometimes I get the most beautiful snaps of her. Some of the ones which I love the most are the ones which she doesn’t actually know that I am taking. I don’t have a software I edit them on I usually just edit them using the editing that you can do on the iPhone or use the instagram filters but no doubt this will change when I get my camera again.

6. Do you use a notebook to track your ideas?

Currently no I don’t I make a to do list in the notes on my phone and this is were I store my ideas and also the things which I need to do regarding my blog. This is because I always have my phone close to me so I can write an idea down when they come to me rather than having to remember it and then write it when I get back to my notebook.

7, How do you take pictures?

I just my phone and take pictures of Jess usually and then if it is of products I get them on a white background and then arrange them into an order which I actually like and then I take the snap.  For me it is simple because this blog is a hobby which I adore doing not something which is my full time job.

8.What’s your favourite type of post to write?

I would say it is the ones were we reflect back on the month and share with you what we have done in the month, The reason I say this is because I find them so easy to write and adore doing them due to the fact that it brings all the memories of what we actually have done that month back and I think this is something I really enjoy. Also they are very personal and I love the interaction that I get with you guys over post like this.

9, Who knows about your blog?

I know that my brother and mum do but they don’t read my blog. However my boyfriend on the other hand reads my blog so hi Joe because he tells me I find it so cute that he takes an interest in my blog. I have managed to grow this blog into my second baby one which I love nearly as much as Jess but of course she wins.

10. Are you an organised blogger or a messy one?

I would say I am because of the fact that I am scheduled I am around 2 weeks in advance which I would say is organised but my mind is messy because I always have ideas on my head.

11. Biggest blogger pet peeve.?

People who steal your idea or blog post and then give you no credit for all at all which is really annoying because of the fact that you have done all the work and then have basically stolen something from you which makes me angry.

I tag anyone who blogs to do this tag because it is so much fun

Charlotte x

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