What We Did In July

Hi Guys

I can’t believe a whole month has past since I wrote the last one of these. Where is this year going it seems to be going at a rapid speed. Since the last update I just want to say thank you because during the month of July we managed to hit 300 followers on Instagram which is something we wouldn’t have been able to do if it hadn’t been for you.
July has been a quite busy month in parts and then we have had some really quiet time as well which we both needed because we have been getting so tired with the heat making us not sleep very well at all also just before the heat started Jess was having problems with her teeth.

The first weekend of the month saw me and Jess sort out her wardrobe as you can imagine it was a mammoth task that Mummy is still doing to this day. We decided to get rid of all the clothes which have become to small for her. We have a blog post coming up next week on ideas of what do with old clothing so keep your eyes peel for this. We also looked and saw what we needed to pick up for her 6-9 month wardrobe and also what we needed to get so she has some clothes ready for when she joins nursery hopefully in the middle of September. Once we had done that we chilled out for the rest of the weekend and did a bit of online shopping so we could get the bits we needed for the 6-9 wardrobe which is now at Daddy’s house. Then on the Monday we went for a shopping trip into town with Grandma which we picked up a few bits that you saw in my baby girl haul and also some items I purchased were in my latest post.

The next weekend saw Jess attend her first rugby game she was mesmerised she was by the people who was around us maybe because they had beer. She also was loving hissing at the opposition fans because she is a right little hooligan. Jess decided that she would hide from the opposition because then they couldn’t score if Jess couldn’t see them I suppose that makes sense doesn’t it.She managed a whole 80 minutes without falling asleep which is pretty amazing seen as it didn’t kick off time 8pm and that is the time that she starts getting ready to go to bed. I think she would love to go again but she will have to wait till next season now because she is staying at Daddy’s for the whole of August and then it will be getting cold for her at 8pm on a Friday when she gets back in September and we will not have many games left by then anyway. The next day Mummy was busy working so Jess had a grandma day which means she had plenty of sleep and enjoyed playing with lots of her toys because she is a little princess for her Grandma.

I told you that July had not been the most interesting month at all. The weekend of the 15th saw me try and sort out my student finance because there is multiple different elements which I have to apply for now due to the fact that I am going back with a child. Which means even more form filling which was a good way to spend a Saturday I will tell you for sure. Then Sunday was another chill day because of the amount that me and Jess had to do that week. I did managed to photograph some eBay items and list them on the Monday night which was good because I do need to sell some of her smaller clothes now to make room for all the new ones which is gets. We managed to have a bbq which Jess enjoyed so much I think she eat more than her mummy because she kept stealing little bits.  The Monday saw me pop into town for a Costa date with my best friend from secondary school who it is always nice to catch up with she has just come back from Australia were she has been for 6 weeks. So she was telling me and Jess all about her adventure and how she graduates this week. This meant we could purchase her a present for been such a clever best friend

This past weekend was really manic for us. It started on Friday when Daddy came to pick us up so we could go and look around nursery’s because of course Jess will be attending one when I go back to university as everyone else is at work. We looked around two and have found one which we really like so Mummy just needs to fill in the form pay the deposit and find the days which I am going to need her in. We had a walk around York and ended up watching one of the really good street performers while having lunch which was something the whole family loved Jess was in awe when he got out of the chains. Mummy had to work at the races on the night so Jess slept at Daddy’s camp which was adorable receiving the snapchats from them even though I missed her like crazy.  On the Saturday I was working again but Jess came to the races with Daddy and ended up having a long nap which was so cute her with a blanket over her head in the pram. It was really warm and she wanted some shade it was a really long day then we had an hour and half drive down south so we could go to Daddy’s house. The reason we did that was so we could pack for the holiday we go on tomorrow and it was the only time we had both spare in the whole month. So Sunday morning was spent unpacking Jess’s 6-9 wardrobe and then packing me and her clothes for the holiday before going out for lunch with Nanny and Grandad for his birthday. Today Daddy is going to pick Jess up and take her down then Mummy is going to the rugby semi final and then getting to Daddy’s around 11.20pm will I be awake or will I end up in London asleep on the train?

What have you done in July?

Charlotte x

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