Jess at 10 Months


Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you Jess’s 10 month update.  I have decided to do this update in a different style more like an entry into a diary so Jess can look back at it in the future and see what she was like.

Dear Jess

I can’t believe that it is 10 months since I brought you home next thing we know it will be your birthday damm that has gone so quick.

You certainly have developed a personality in the last couple of months your now rarely seen without your tongue stuck out or a cheeky grin on your face proud of the latest piece of havoc you have created. I guess you do have to keep that uncle in line and show him your the boss around here because after all you are a princess.


Jess you really have a developed a love for food you always are after things which other people have.One of your favourite meals at the moment seems pasta bolognese. Pinapple and strawberries also seem to be a bit hit with you. This month you had your first proper ice cream you loved it so much you woke up at 3am wanting a man man which is an ice cream to you. I told you it was closed you rolled over and went back to sleep must have been dreaming about them. You have really found your love for snacks when your in your pram again and keep munching on Organixs sweetcorn rings and carrot puffs or the rice cakes in apple.

You have decided that your so cool now you only have to hold one handle of your sippy cup when your drinking your juice this means that sometime you do end up spilling it and getting it all down yourself which you don’t really seem impressed about.



This month saw you finally get your first teeth one appeared and then the next day the second one came next to it. It seems you don’t do things in ones at all. They are both the bottom front ones but by next month I can see you having a few more come through.

In terms of clothing you are only just going into your 6-9 months now which means you can finally have some of your summery clothes out for all the hot days we are dreaming of. You are still only in your size 3 nappies but I don’t think it will be long till you move up a size.

You go to bed between 7-9pm and don’t wake up at all through the night till around 7am in the morning your like your mummy don’t really like the mornings but that’s going to have to change soon when we have to go to nursery and university. You still have a nap in a morning and one in the afternoon of anywhere between and hour and a couple of hours.


You have decided that crawling is not for you and you shuffle everywhere on your bum and use your leg as a leaver under you to get some speed up. Your so fast we can hardly keep up with you but it sure does wear you out.You really don’t like to be sat still anymore you want to be up and about whether it’s dancing or exploring you don’t like to be sat.

This month you have learnt to shake hands and also to clap which is so adorable waving seems to be another thing which you have just grasped as well it does make my heart melt when you do these things.

You still have that dirty laugh which we all adore and this month you have started saying mama not as much as you used to say dada but I am sure you will start saying dada more when you start seeing him again when he is not busy with work.

Until next month when you will have been on your first holiday with Mummy and Daddy.

Love You Lots

Mummy xx

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