July Baby Girl Clothing Haul


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Today I thought I would share with you some bits of clothing which I have picked Jess up in the month of July. I have decided that I would like to do monthly clothing hauls to show you what is available for girls of similar ages and also so you can see what I have purchased. I might even include eBay purchase as eBay is a place which I purchase a lot of her clothes. The reason behind this is because she wears the for such a short amount of time also a reason is because at the moment we are trying to pick up clothes which it doesn’t matter if she ruins when she goes to nursery.

The first item I picked up for her was from Boots it is actually from the boys section but who cares she can wear it if she wants to. It’s a beautiful blue coloured t-shirt which has today is a fun day on the front in different colours. I picked this up because I thought it would be perfect for when she is a nursery and she can just team it with a pair of leggings and look really stylish like she always seems to do. This girl can rock the most basic outfit so easily. This t-shirt was in the sale from £7 down to £3.50 so it seemed only right to pick it up I got this top in 9-12 months which is two sizes two big but she might fit in it comfortably by September.

The only other item which I picked up in Boots was a pack of 3 tights as you can see there is a blue, light pink and a brighter pink pair as well. These tights are going to be great for when it is cooler days and we have to put tights under dresses. I picked these up in the size 6-12 months because of the fact that she still has some 0-6 months which fit her so I decided to get the next size up so they last a little bit longer. These were also reduced the only reason I can see is because it’s their summer shade pack but instead of been £9 these were £4.50 so you can’t complain.

Grandma treated Jess to a couple of items this month the first been this t-shirt from Pep & Co a shop neither of us had previously been in. Again Jess got another basic tshirt which she can team with leggings to create a gorgeous look. It is very simple but the huge lemon and patterned arms really do make it bright and summery. Jess has this in the size 9-12 months so that she can use it at nursery and also on weekends when not very much is happening as a basic top. This was £3.50 I am interested to see how it washed and this might determine if I purchase more from them in the future,

Next up is another purchase Grandma made for us from Pep & Co it’s a bright flowery patterned top with blue,yellow,green and pink flowers on it also comes with some pink leggings. This is denitanly something which she will be wearing for nursery it will be easy to put on her in the mornings comfortable for her to play and explore in and most of all mummy is not bothered if she ruins it a little bit as it might be hard to see. This outfit cost £7 and Grandma picked it up in the size 6-12 months so we will have to try it on and see how it is for size it does still seem like it is going to be to big for Jess.

The next three items are all from Tesco which has a sale on so I had to have a look. The first item I picked up is a vest top in Grey with Ice creams on and also a couple of 3d flowers on top on an ice cream cone. I picked this up because we have an upcoming holiday with Daddy and hopefully the weather will come nice and we can have some vest tops on. I think it would look adorable teamed with a pair of shorts when we are at the seaside. She can also use it when we are at home as well this top was only £2.50 and Jess has it in 6-9 months as this is the size she is just coming into and she wants to wear it soon.

The next time is a beautiful white summer dress which has hints of pink due to the pink trims. This I picked up because I think it would be perfect if we get any late summer sun or if Jess decides that she wants to shoot up. The reason I say that is due to the fact that this is in 9-12 months. Even as it comes cooler you could pair it with a tights and a cardigan and still rock the dress on all these days out we might have coming up. This dress was only £5 so I really couldn’t say no and leave it.

Finally from Tesco we picked up this super cute grey hoodie which is going to be amazing when we have a cooler morning and need to get on the train to nursery we can just throw it on and get gone. It is really easy just to throw on over any outfit to keep her warm and she can still look beautiful. Also if it comes cooler when we are on the way home from anywhere she can thrown it on and keep warm, We picked this up in the size 9-12 because we already have a hoodie in the next size. This only cost us £5 and it is something which I can see us getting a lot of wear out of because of how versatile it is.

Jess possibly is going to a wedding in September so Grandma rang me to tell me she has spotted a bargain dress which Jess which could wear if she does go. This print really reminds me of a Ted Baker dress, It actually is a Rocha John Rocha from Debenhams I can only imagine how amazing she is going to look in it. I picked it up in size 9-12 months as this is the size I think she will be in by then. This dress should have been a whopping £22 but had 60% off so we picked it up for £8.80 this sure has to be a bargain buy for this month.

Have you guys picked up any bargains this month? Also does anyone have any ideas where I could pick some cheap nursery clothes up from?
Charlotte X 

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