Flamingo Candles- Melt Crowd July First Impressions


Hey Guys

Today I thought I would share with you what was included in my Flamingo Candles July Melt Crowd box. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a subscription box which every month sends you 8 wax tarts and your first month you get a free tart burner. The subscription is £10 a month with free p&p.  I must admit that this is one of my favourite subscription boxes which I ever have had.

This month we recieved a Cherry scent which to me really does smell of pure cherry and reminds me of the summer months this is one that I am looking forward to burning while the weather is still supposed to be nice while its summer.
Violet and lime is another scent we recieved this month this is one I am unsure if I am a fan of purely because of the fact all I can smell is violet. Possible when I burn it I will like it more but floral scents are not my favourite anyway I will report back to you when I do burn. 
Moijito cocktail is one which I can’t wait to burn due to the fact that I feel like the scent is very clean. This is one which I could burn easy when I am cleaning and it would make my house smell beautiful I think this might be burning the next rainy day we get. 
Lavender and chamomile really remind me of soap for some reason. I gave my mum a sniff and she says washing powder so this proves that it has a very clean scent. This is another one which come a rainy day when you are cleaning would make your house smell even more fresh and clean. This is one which will be burning soon as well.
Salted caramel and pistachio this is one again I am very unsure about. The reason is I feel like it is very sweet and the salted caramel scent is one which I find could be very overpowering but as I have said previously I really like fresh scents in candles. 
Orange pekoe tea to me I can hardly can smell anything but I do get a hint of orange. This is one which I am going to have to burn in order to really form an opinion and when I do I will let you know. 
Independence Day is included this month because it has been the 4th of July which is American Independence Day. This scent is beautiful it’s very fruity and something which smells so summery. I really can’t work out what scent it is though but this is one which I may end up repurchasing in the future after I have burn this. 
The final tart was football pitch which smells of freshly cut grass to me. Hopefully this is not too strong due to the fact that it could set my hay fever off. If this is the case I might have to make a cocktail of tarts and use it. 
Overall I don’t think this months was the greatest buy it definitely has not been the worst. If you get this box what has been your favourite scent this month or which one would you like to try. 

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