Five Under £5 July 2016

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Today I am joining in with my first ever link up post which was created by the lovely Julia who blogs at Rainbeaubelle. I have seen the Vicki from Letstalkbeauty do this for a few months and I thought this is something I would be interested in sharing as well. The aim of it is to share 5 items which you have purchased that month which have cost less than £5 items which normally may not have made it into a haul. This month I have decided to pick items which I have purchased for Jess as I haven’t really purchased much for me under £5.

The first item is a Fisher Price stack & explore blocks the point of these is that Jess stacks the bricks up and learns with them as they have numbers on the top, dots to show which number it is on one side on another side it has a raise up pattern to feel, finally on the other two sides it has pictures of animals. This was around £3.99 from Home Bargains and I feel like this is something which Jess will come to love as she gets bigger at the moment she loves to bang the cubes together to make noise rather than stacking.

This Tommee Tippee essentials first cup is exactly the same as the one she has but she loves it so much I decided to repurchase another one as during the hot weather Jess has been needing to drink so much juice it’s hardly had time to be washed. At least if one is in the wash she can have the other one to have her juice in. This cup cost only £1.79 in Boots so at that price you can’t go wrong and at least if she managed to lose one we always have a spare on hand.

Due to the number of days out we have planned meaning Jess will be having a packed lunch I picked this cute Minnie Mouse lunchbox up for her. This will stop us having to search for a plastic container for her sandwiches to go in when we want to make her packed lunch and also stop them getting all squashed and horrible.I managed to find this in Poundland so it only cost £1 and they had a range of Minnie Mouse and also Minions but I choose this one instead. Even if this doesn’t last very long I will not get upset due to the fact it was very cheap.

The next purchase may seen a very random one to most parents more so if you are not a parent of a young child. This is a fresh food feeder and the reason behind this purchase is due to the fact that if I give Jess some raspberries she ends up swashing them in her hands and they end up all over. However with this little device you can put a few raspberries in at a time and then she can suck them through the netting and she gets the fruit but minus all the mess. I picked this up in the poundshop again because I am unsure how long she will actually use it for and I also picked up another one for Daddy’s house so she doesn’t make to much mess there either,

Finally the last item this is Minnie Mouse related as well it is a wash sponge which Mummy can put her hand in and clean all of Jess’s body. This is so handy when she is in the bath and you don’t have to put the baby wash on your own hands making it sticky and slippery. It also shows Jess what to do and she has now started to use it after I have cleaned to to practice cleaning herself. This cost me £1 from Primark we already have one but decided to pick another one up in case one is in the wash and it’s bathtime we can still have one to use.

Have up picked any bargains up under £5 this month if so why not let me know what they were ? Or if you are taking part in this why not leave me a comment and I will be sure to check it out.

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  1. I have now seen even more of these lunchboxes in Card factory they had avengers and finding dory I did well not to actually purchase another one but the minnie one we have is so cute how could I say no. I wish we had monsters inc I might have to keep going to primark to see what other ones they end up getting in they are so handy we now have two at Daddy's house.


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