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Hi Guys

Today I thought I would share with you a bag which I have created an named emergency car sickness bag. This bag is all the essentials minus nappies and clothes due to them always been in my handbag. We have found that Jess can be sick if the car is too hot or if she has had too much juice or food before travelling.  We plan on doing a bit of travelling in the next few months  as I am sure some of you will be due to school holidays.

Once there was a time we had to let her travel in a dirty dress because she has managed to throw up everywhere and we had nothing to clean it with on us in the car. This made me and my boyfriend realise we needed the essentials with us so I created this kit. 

The first item we have is a Muslim cloth from Boots this means that we can mop up any mess there may be and just not have to use baby wipes. These can just be thrown in the wash if they get dirty. This will also be useful if any drinks get spilt we can mop them up so this cloth is in there for a number of reasons. You can pick a pack of 3 of these up for around £10 in Boots. This is one Jess has had since she was born so it has been washed a fair few times. 
 The next item in the bag is a handful of nappy bags these are in there be user it means we can put dirty clothes into them so they don’t ruin other clothes. They also means we can keep thing seperate if we need to as well as using them as normal nappy bags. I picked up this huge box of 250 for about 69p in home bargains so I recommend having a look in there if your after some. 
The next item is some nappy cream I decided this could be used for any number of reasons. If Jess manages to make an area look sore while she is is in the car or something I could just pop this on. More so in the summer if she manages to get sunburn which she really shouldn’t she can use this. Again this is from home bargains and was around 69p it might have even been less. 

Baby wipes well these are a staple I don’t think I go anywhere without a packet of these on hand. These can be used to mop up any sick which occur. Clean her hands and face before we pop to see some one so she doesn’t look as dirty. Also mummy can use these for anything like wiping off makeup that looks horrible that she only notices when in the car. These were around the 75p mark in home bargains but you can already find them on some kind of offer. 
I picked up from primark some hand gel because after dealing with sick or other horrible things I want to wash my hands. However not all the time am I near a sink where I can so picked this up so it means I can actually clean my hands and feel better about myself. It has a pretty nice scent and it was only £1 I think from primark as it is one of there exclusives.
I also decided that I was going to add some calpol into the bag because if for some reason Jess managed to get a fever or something while traveling we can give her a little bit of pain relief and hopefully she will be fine. At the moment because she is still teething she may need it more because of the pain which that seems to be giving her and it’s not always easy to give her the sachets of teething granules when on the go. 
We have decided to purchase a large black and white spot primark makeup bag to store it all in so it stays all together in the car and we don’t have to go searching for things when we need them . 
Is there anything we have missed out of this bag you think we need we have nappies and a spare change of clothing in my handbag. 
Charlotte X 

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