Long Time Update

Hi Guys
I am sorry about the lack of posts recently. Unfortunately some how at the start of March I managed to trap a nerve in either my shoulder or neck which is very painful more so when I type for a long period of time. This means I find it hard to write a lot of posts which Jess is napping like I was doing previously. I thought it has sorted it’self out until this weekend when I managed to injure it again building a space saving jumperoo the things you do for your kids.

Another reason that I have not been blogging is due to the fact that I have been sorting out transferring universities. As some of you may know I had just finished my second year of my degree when I had Jess however I would be unable to go back to that uni to finish, So had to contact my local uni who wouldn’t let me in without starting my course again when I had nearly given up my dream of getting my degree my boyfriend is moving to York. Which reminded me I could got to uni there as their degree is very similar to the one I have been studying for. So after a lot of emails I have now been told that if I apply via UCAS I can possibly go redo my second year even thought I have already completed it and then do my final year. The only reason I can’t go straight into my final year is due to the fact that they don’t accept final year students. So I need to do a personal statement again and get a referee and see if they accept me which they should as the head of the programme is happy to and he has seen my results and everything. 
Finally another reason that I have not managed to do as much blogging as I would like is due to the fact that I have been taking Jess every couple of weeks to see her Daddy when he is off work and his family for a week which means that I have had even less time to do things blog related. However in a months time he will be based just one hour away from us which will mean we can spend weekends together. 
Thanks for staying with me 

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