Top 5 Future Holiday Destinations

Hey Guys
January is the month when people start planning where they are going to go on their summer holidays this year. I will not be going abroad this year due to the fact that I have Jess and it will be really hard but I think I am going to have a couple of weeks away in the UK with family. These are places I have dreamed about going to before Jess was born,

I would love to visit this beautiful part of Australia they looks so much which you can do in the city as well as going to the beautiful beaches which are not that far away this is somewhere where I would love to move to maybe in the future this is something which could happen. I need to start saving so I can afford to do this one day because I know its not going to be cheap.
New York

This just looks beautiful from all the vlogs which I have watched and also the pictures which I have seen on peoples blogs. I think I would love the mix of the shopping which can be done as well as the touristy things such as central park. I always think I would love to go to New York when it is cold so maybe next winter this is a place which I will be visiting. 
I blame my boyfriend for this because he went with work last summer for 2/3 months and would send me pictures. It looked like you see it in the movies so clean and sunny. I am sure if I beg him enough he would go back and take me this time so that I can see some of the sites he did because when he was off I know he had an amazing time there. 

I love the idea of visiting a place which to get around you have to travel on a boat it seems so romantic and something which could be so much fun. I would love to try the ice cream, pizza and pasta because I have heard that is so much better out there compared to what we get in the UK. I think I might have to go and investigate this claim. 
South Coast England

This may seem random to you because some of you may live there. However this is a place in the UK which I never have really been to and some of the views look amazing as well as things which you can do. I blame youtubers who are based or visit these areas for me wanting to visit, Maybe this is the one which I will be able to do at some stage this year. 
Where would you like to visit?
Charlotte x

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Future Holiday Destinations

  1. I hope California lives up to what I think it will do. I can only imagine now amazing a gondola ride is in Venice is this is so something which I want to do right now think it would take the stress away.

    Charlotte x

  2. Oh I hope you get to Sydney next year it looks amazing, I am sure I will love New York and Venice if I get to visit at some stage in my life which I hope I do.

    Charlotte x

  3. I might just have to pop over to look at your blog now then. I think I want to see it both in the summer and the winter if that make any sense to see if it is twice as magical or something or it is just a marketing plot.

    Charlotte x

  4. Awww thank you it is just a true list of where I would like to visit to be honest. Venice does and so many people have been recently I think this could be one of the reasons. I think so many people forget about other parts of the UK.

    Charlotte x

  5. The south coast to me is a strange one but one which I really want to happen hopefully it will next summer and New York one Christmas or winter time.

    Charlotte x

  6. Ooh I would love to visit California, I think it would be one of the most amazing places to visit! I've been to venice and if possible its even more beautiful than all the pictures make out and the gondola ride is such a once in a lifetime thing to do, so amazing! X

  7. Funnily enough I want to visit all of these places as well! New York especially, but recently I've developed the urge to visit the South Coast of England, it looks beautiful.

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